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    Castrol Edge Synthetic 5W20, 2000 miles, 2020 Ford Ecosport 2.0 D.I

    admin please delete this double post.
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    Castrol Edge Synthetic 5W20, 2000 miles, 2020 Ford Ecosport 2.0 D.I

    Just in from Blackstone. My D.I. Ford diluter. I see a couple major issues, but insol % wasn't bad. I have to run to lunch will be back in a hour or so. Have at it, guys !
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    Sending out Very Nasty Looking D.I. Sample for UOA

    Ford 2.0L D.I. High compression N,A. engine in my Ecosport. Have been making some very ugly oil the last two short OC and has me concerned. Oil is so muddy and and inky black no light passes through the sample bottle. I am aware Blackstone maybe the worst lab for fuel dilution, but I have an...
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    I had the 'Disappearing Quart' in the Ford this weekend ...

    I didn't want to post, but I read about this happening a few times on this forum, then it happened to me and this has never happened before, certainly months after an oil change. Just some background. I am retired, I drive the CUV around town at low speed maybe 3-5 miles a day. I...
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    VW is Nuts with TAOS Pricing!

    As a former 2019 Jetta owner/lessee, and where the 4 door S transacts for under $19K USD regularly, Asking $28K USD appears to be a MAJOR ripoff for a Mexican assembled, front wheel drive VW. Essentially a jacked up Jetta wagon back. Of course no one is twisting your arm to buy one. follow...
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    Stupid New Car Names and Editions !

    See anything that recently made you "shake your head" and ask, "What were they thinking when they came up with this?!" I will start with: Just saw an Ad on T.V. last night for a Hyundai Palisade - Calligraphy Edition are you #$%^*! kidding me !
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    Here is my 2019 Jetta lease I turned in early on Dealer Website

    Here it is: Arco's famous VW Jetta he praised and complained about :) Funny, I was offered the option to buy for $13,400 at the residual. I just dropped it off and had my wife pick me up and take me home. At least for some reason they didnt charge me settlement to turn it...
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    Replacing 2011 Subaru Outback Sparkplugs

    Since its agreeable out, I decided to pull the #2 plug on the old EJ253 engine to see if I need to replace all 4. These are high dollar NGK Ruthenium fingernail GND plugs for the PZEV engine. They SHOULD be fine at 65K miles and 9 years. Well, I pulled an easy one (DS front) and it...
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    Leased VW - FALKEN Tires Worn down to 5/32" in 11K Miles

    It the car in my signature. I just got off the phone with VW customer care after a 50 min wait. They will provide no remedy; they said, "Did Service say that the tires had a defect?" I replied, " NO". The VW Rep stated that VW only cover defects, and they don't cover tires. I...
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    I hope I don't get the Flu !

    from: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>flu/<wbr>about/<wbr>burden-averted/<wbr>2017-2018.htm</a> This web page provides estimates on the burden of influenza <span style="font-weight: bold">in the United...
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    I Found Some Money ...

    in my bank account this morning. <span style="color: #3333FF">Pending Activity Date Activity Description Deposits Withdrawals 04/15/2020 IRS TREAS 310 TAX REF 041520 *************08 $2,400.00 </span> Must be that check they have been talking about. I am non-employed/retired so my income...
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    Lubrizol GF-6 Video Interview w/ Martin Birze

    With GF-6 on the near horizon, I though this 8 minute video with <span style="font-weight: bold">Martin Birze</span>, Business Mgr., Consumer Engine Lubricants or the Americas, Lubrizol Additives. If this has been posted before I apologize. Enjoy, - Ken
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    Uh Oh. Subaru Front Halfshaft CV Going Bad

    Wife hears noise once and a while, dealer assessed at the recent 60K service that the front right outer CV was failing. 2017 Subaru Crosstrek w/ CVT Question. <span style="font-weight: bold">Are any of the aftermarket axle+CV assemblies reliable?</span> The Job looks easy enough...
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    Castrol GTX Magnatec 5W20, 8199mi, 2017 Subaru Crosstrek, 60,864mi

    This is the second UOA on this car, the previous was with Valvoline Advanced 0W20 in similar driving conditions including lots of long highway miles over a 4-1/2 month interval. The Oil was changed at this time and Subaru Idemitsu 0W20 installed for the brutal Winter interval. No short...
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    You want a UOA on 5W20 Magnetec?

    Wife just told me her Subaru Crosstrek crossed the 60K mile mark, which means its time for an oil change. Boy, she drives around a lot! Was thinking I might do another UOA this time on the Magnetec that is in there. I ran a 5w20 not the specified 0W20 across the Late Summer and into Fall...
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    MOTUL Specific VW 508.00 Unboxing

    Just arrived last night. I will have the dealer install this oil when I get my inspection sticker in December. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    Do You Fly the BITOG Flag?

    <span style="color: #333399"><span style="font-size: 23pt">This guy does. </span></span> <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    Funny for the Day ...

    <span style="font-size: 17pt">Why did the Pillsbury Dough Boy have such a good Love Life?</span> - - - - - - - - - - - <span style="font-size: 17pt">His girlfriend was into "Roll Playing"</span>
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    Xfinity removed TCM from HD preferred!

    Man, I watch this channel a lot. Very upsetting. Anybody else have this happen recently? Other than complaining to some kid in a call centre in "who knows where" what recourse is there? This is a major channel removed without notice other than a fine print foot note on the...
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    Dearborn River Rouge Assembly ca. 1962

    Found this video while poking around for something else. (linkded below) <span style="font-weight: bold"> Excellent </span>Movie short. I was amazed at some of the innovative tools and aids that are still in wide use today. I hope this is not recent a re-post. Worth a remider for...