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  1. LazyDog

    2023 Honda HR-V

    I heard that 1.5 does the turbo but lost of other problems too!
  2. LazyDog

    2023 Honda HR-V

    It needs a turbo or wishing they kept the old 2.4.
  3. LazyDog

    fake denso ac compressor?

    How where they able to tell AC compressor was fake or not???
  4. LazyDog

    Would-be Pleasanton car theft victim opens fire on thieves

    The whole world seems to have gone bananas/ crazy/ locos.
  5. LazyDog

    window AC on double horizontal slide windows

    Can you post a picture it might help to determine the best solution.
  6. LazyDog

    1999 Tacoma Fuel Pump Choices

    Thanks for all the replies.
  7. LazyDog

    1999 Tacoma Fuel Pump Choices

    Forgot some Details Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner!
  8. LazyDog

    1999 Tacoma Fuel Pump Choices

    My uncle has a 99 Tacoma and needs a fuel pump badly. The 2 choices that I like from Rock auto are the Bosch 69497 ~ 65 and Delphi FE0119 ~105. I am more concern about the quality and not the price since it is going to Mexico next week. What choice would you make or what else to consider...
  9. LazyDog

    Washing Cars in Hot Weather

    Nice car, I normally used a leaf blower to dry the car.
  10. LazyDog

    About what year did coolant hoses get good?

    If the car has a turbo, you'll need to replace all the hoses at some point. Too much heat!
  11. LazyDog

    My catalytic converter was stolen

    They used those 4 inch discs on a cordless system!
  12. LazyDog

    When and why did you decide to be done with beater cars?

    I'll be turning 59 in few months and have always bought cars in the <5,000 category. I did try to buy a new car once but I guess my credit history was not good enough. In the long run it was a blessing, never had to deal w/ monthly payments. At this time, I can afford a new car but not...
  13. LazyDog

    Camry misfiring on highway

    Does the car have an EGR???
  14. LazyDog

    From record-setter to rubbish: World’s biggest cruise ship to be scrapped without sailing a single voyage

    They should donate that ship to an organization like Mercy ships!
  15. LazyDog

    A little annoyed with Wix today

    Is it time to open the filter box before leaving the store. The other option to have a spare filter from a different brand in case the problem is related to the manufacturing lot number.
  16. LazyDog

    Understanding and Diagnosing Ford Smart Charging System

    I know my Honda CRV has a similar charging system, it is just nice to know how the work!
  17. LazyDog

    Understanding and Diagnosing Ford Smart Charging System

    I guess I am only Geek around here!
  18. LazyDog

    Understanding and Diagnosing Ford Smart Charging System

    If you like me and want to understand how things work. Here is a great video of Ford's smart charging system and its principles can be apply to the smart systems.
  19. LazyDog

    Do you ever get repair fatigue?

    I do all the time but put the stuff on what's important list to get done while other stuff just sits. In some cases where I really need a break, I just pay to have it done. If fixing stuff is not fun, why do it.
  20. LazyDog

    Alternator Recommendation - Camry

    I'll be more incline to take yours to a local re-builder if possible. The after market stuff is been on steady decline for a while. My only experience w/ after market stuff is Bosch that would be my choice.