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    Intermittent P0304 (cylinder 4 misfire)

    My '02 Ford Escort is throwing a P0304. Thus far I've changed the spark plugs even though the old ones were still in pretty good condition, alternated the plug wires between cylinders 3 and 4 to see if the misfire would move to cylinder 3 which it didn't, put a different coil pack on from...
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    Street Paint Removal

    One of my cars has some road paint on it. I know when it happened but didn't know about it until well after the fact so there's nothing I could do to get the contractor to clean it up. It came from driving on a road that they were spraying the lines on and it's over spray from that. It's not...
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    Oil Differences

    Why do most of us change oil? For me it's because I suspect the old oil is dirty. This leads to my question. If that's the case isn't a synthetic oil rated at 20K miles going to get just as dirty in 5K miles as a conventional oil. Both are experiencing the same number of combustion cycles...
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    Synthetic For Engine Cleaning

    I'm running approximately 15 year old conventional Citgo Supergard 10w40 in my '16 Versa. It just hit 30K miles and I did a transmission fluid drain/fill/filters. It will be due for an OC in about 1K miles and was wondering if since I have a few jugs of 15 year old 10w30 Pennzoil Platinum in...
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    VOA on LC-20

    I searched but didn't come up with anything. Has anyone ever done a VOA on LC-20? I was just wondering what LC-20 is. Is it just a additive pack to rebuild the additives being the reason they claim you can go 10K miles between OCI's with it's use?
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    Fluid For 2002 Ford Power Steering

    The power steering on my '02 Ford Escort has started leaking a little. My question is would it be safe for seals and such to use Type F transmission fluid to refill it? I've got about a half case of Type F that I had left when I got rid of a '76 Chrysler back in the 90's. I changed the fluid...
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    CD2 Street Legal

    I was in the garage yesterday and found a few bottles of CD2 Street Legal on one of my shelves that's been there for years. After reading a post here on the forum I found it was very high in ZDDP (4800 ppm if I recall correctly). I'm currently using conventional 10w40 that was bought in the...
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    #1 heating oil / #1 diesel (off road diesel)

    I'm trying to find out if #1 diesel is the same thing as #1 heating oil. The reason for my question is I have a Monitor kerosene heater that says it can operate on K1 kerosene or low sulfur #1 heating oil. I can't find anyone that sells #1 heating oil in the area where I live, but I've been...
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    506K Mile Ford Escort

    I own a 1988 Ford Escort with 506K+ miles still running on the original 1.9L engine (never rebuilt) and 4 speed manual transmission. It currently uses a quart of oil about every 1000-1200 miles. This just goes to show you that with proper maintenance a car will last for many miles/years. I've...
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    Need Everyones Help

    I haven't been a member here very long so there's not as much information about my '88 Ford Escort with 506K miles (original engine and transmission, never been rebuilt) on this site as there is on some of the other sites I visit, but I found out the other day that Wayne Gerdes (site owner) and...
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    Has anyone done a UOA on a Ford Escort?

    I looked through about 135 pages of the forum for some results on different oils in a 2.0L SOHC Escort engine and didn't find one Escort that had a UOA. There may be a way to search it, but I'm new to the site and wasn't aware of it. I know the Escort is a poor mans car, but surely I'm not the...