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  1. xgmad

    1 year Yokohama tire update

    On the odyssey I put on Yokohama touring tires a year ago. They are very quiet and overall great tires, even being fwd and going 80 down the highway, its very quiet. I will post photos of the tread later.
  2. xgmad

    Fram ultra torn open

    Old fram ultra with wire backing, ran for 10,000 miles with rotella T4 15w40. adbv is still quite pliable, its the red one with silicone. Great construction, very high quality and ran reliably. I am now running an inferior purolator one since its a last minute oil change combined with another...
  3. xgmad

    new pushup max

    102 narrow pushups in 3 minutes and 7 seconds 40 diamond pushups in 2 minutes 40 dead hang pullups in 7 minutes and 22 seconds 72 dips in 15 minutes i got to work on my running before i ship out to bct friday
  4. xgmad

    Waxed odyssey

    So this time i used turtle wax hybrid graphene stuff and I actually USED a proper applicator and I applied some cheap sprayway high gloss tire shine
  5. xgmad

    P/S stiff on odyssey

    Old problem I have been having, but the P/s on the odessey which is a 2006 started having stiff steering after removing the ATF and using Honda power steering fluid. I think its time to rebuild the pump, but is the main problem the seals or something else? Anybody had the same problem?
  6. xgmad

    How to flush P/s on mk6 jetta

    Okay guys, so flushing is unheard of when it comes to the power steering system, its not that difficult, but at the same time it is. I did successfully did it. I used lubeguard complete synthetic power steering fluid, stuff is dumb expensive though. You will need 2 quarts. And a bunch of rags...
  7. xgmad

    Internet free since Wednesday night

    coaxial connectors and coaxial cores are corroded somehow. Funny thing is, I called Xfinity, they said someone would come is Saturday. :) I have worked on coaxial a bunch, but I didn't know any legal things messing around in the junction box that's located by the street...
  8. xgmad

    sub and receiver install

    Installed a 10 inch sound ordnance subwoofer in the back of the jetta, along with a boss receiver with dedicated sub outputs and also android/apple carplay. I am still organizing wires in the back.
  9. xgmad

    lol starterpack

    lol to the last one
  10. xgmad

    Hydrogen peroxide for headlights

    Hey guys, so the Camry has very yellow headlights, a couple months ago I bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide solution to deyellow them. It did work! I will post pictures of them later, I do not believe I have before pictures. Here is what I did: ----You need good amount of sunlight for this...
  11. xgmad

    Bought a carpet extractor

    Don't know when it will come, bought it from hoover site. I am also getting Adams paste wax along with their foam applicator. I Pretty much have everything I need now to detail a car fully, even undercoating. I undercoated the odyssey a couple months ago.
  12. xgmad

    Installed new speakers and tweeters

    Since it was base model jetta there are no tweeters, but I wired in two rockford fosgate tweeters to the sail panels, as you can see. Yes I know, the dynamat installation is horrendous, I ordered 2 packs which would mean four total, but only received one pack. New speakers are pioneer ones, and...
  13. xgmad

    Not sure if problem

    So there are thunderstorms here, and it might be a little windy, the jetta is still on jack stands outside, and the engine is being held up with a 2x4 and jack. I do not think the car will tip or anything, but it is going to rain tonight and tomorrow, is okay to leave it as is as it is night...
  14. xgmad

    how to slip on belt

    I've been changing the timing belt and other belt on the jetta, that timing belt is TOUGH to get on, how do i get it on???
  15. xgmad

    Weighted pushups

    I have tried to do weighted pushups, but I use a back pack with a bunch of stuff in it, like car batteries. How do you guys do weighted pushups? I want to make sure I do them safely.
  16. xgmad

    way back in sams club

    I don't know if it was just my sam's club, but where they sold tires and batteries, they would also have 55 gallon drums of rotella oil for 460ish dollars , which is around 9 dollars a gallon.
  17. xgmad

    the quest for pushups

    6 months ago, I could not do a pushup, nor a pullup, and could definitely not do any lower body. Now I do exactly 700 pushups per week, 210 pullups, and 200 dips. Lots of jumproping, running for like an hour, and climbing trees as an upper and lower body exercise that is very fun , but dont do...
  18. xgmad

    VW 2.5 vacuum pump no replacement

    Just remembered, in case anybody here has a leaking vacuum pump for their Volkswagen 5 cylinder, when I still had mine, I bought a cheap kit off of amazon that included the two gaskets, the first is the metal one, and the other one is the rubber gasket that seals the plate off, the metal gasket...
  19. xgmad

    New fuel saving trick

    I saw this ad while on the internet, lol.
  20. xgmad

    computer misprice lol

    Me and the boys found a mispriced gaming computer, lol, i hope they ship it.