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  1. wings&wheels

    Lets see the cars!!!!

    Pup and 90 after a hike...
  2. wings&wheels

    Photo thread for tacky car mods

    I always get a chuckle when I see vortex generators, or typically plastic stick-ons that vaguely resemble VG's, on cars.
  3. wings&wheels

    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    So, what is "..closer than they appear" in your rearview? Looks scary:D
  4. wings&wheels

    2 door sedans of '81

    Funny, they do look a bit better through the lens of nostalgia...but the ones my family had were pretty much craptastic. Why i was lusting towards a 320i then...
  5. wings&wheels

    My one family owned 78 MG Midget

    Beautiful, but I may be biased. I think the British Leyland baby brother cars, the Midget and Spitfire, are some of the most fun you could have on four skinny wheels with the edge going to the Midget. I believe your steering wheel is the dealer optional 'sport' wheel as '78 would have had the...
  6. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    Finished the E-code install on Wife's JL. Comparison pic half way through vs. the stock 9" lamp. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Quadratec adapters. The light pattern and main beam difference is night and day.
  7. wings&wheels

    Vinyl Trim?

  8. wings&wheels

    Photo thread for tacky car mods

    Cheesy vortex generators....
  9. wings&wheels

    I saw the movie Top Gun Maverick today. My review

    My pet peeve and near total turn off for movies is excessive CGI, especially involving airplanes. I have been on the fence about seeing it, but seems like the folks here generally like it...I may go. Our 15y/o daughter liked it, but I'm not sure her crowd judges the same as I would:)
  10. wings&wheels

    Tom Cruise P51

    Yes, I have some T6 time, courtesy of a good friend who owns one and a P51. The Texan is truly unforgiving...maybe terrifying is a better word when stepping up from a Pa28:D
  11. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    My Wife wanted the most basic one, except for a/c and upgraded a/t tires and it only came with their awful base lights. I researched the various LED options (Speaker, etc.) but decided on my default; genuine, quality E-codes. Sad, but in my experience, few current vehicles lights are truly...
  12. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    Hella E-Code headlights and adapters on my Wife's new Wrangler. Base 2 dr sport w/ manual windows and the 6 speed and, unfortunately, the base halogen lights...
  13. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    This car came from Southern CA, the underside is remarkable and only had 2 soft spots; under the clutch master and a very small spot on the rear floor from a window leak.
  14. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    there is a box of new cylinders, shoes and Pentosin just out of camera range (y)
  15. wings&wheels

    What are you working on today?

    Brakes, nasty old brakes.... '74 BMW
  16. wings&wheels

    RIP Jim Seals

    Summer Breeze just played on Sirius then I read this.... Hummingbird is a favorite. Sad
  17. wings&wheels

    Old Electric Motors

    Thanks all, '20's is older than I thought. I will clean and test it, run it than make it shelf art. It will get cleaned, but not refinished at all. Now I want to get the two bigger ones up here and see what's under the grime. I will also post pics when clean.
  18. wings&wheels

    Old Electric Motors

    No sense of adventure:eek:
  19. wings&wheels

    Old Electric Motors

    was thinking same, maybe June 53 as the first digits appear neater for lack of a better word, with the last few and what may be the s/n possibly hand stamped. Electric motors have always been a bit of witchery to fuel, no bang, but they do work, something's not right :D