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  1. demarpaint

    Clutch job interesting find..

    Today my brother and I started doing a clutch job in my 88 E-150. The clutch was 27 years old and had about 80K miles on it. The slave cylinder was leaking, very slowly, that's what failed 27 years ago. It would occasionally chatter, and I want to use it to move us from NY to Florida in the near...
  2. demarpaint

    Tire pressure?

    I'm make a road trip to Florida Friday with a fully loaded [weight wise] 98 RAM 1500. We're bringing a small lathe, tools, 60 gallon compressor etc. The tire placard says 41 psi, the tire says 80 psi. What pressure do you tire experts suggest?
  3. demarpaint

    Win 10/11 Annoyance.

    While I'm waiting for a power supply to come for my Linux Mint PC I've been using my Win 11 PC. I'm not a fan of Windows or MSFT but that's another story. This PC has an SSD with the OS and programs on it and two HDDs with pictures, music, data, etc. I'm not about to replace them with SSD...
  4. demarpaint

    Good deal on some nice combo wrenches......

    I didn't really need them but I couldn't resist @$146.49. Stahlwille 96401005 It was the length and angle that sealed the deal.
  5. demarpaint

    Dealer swing and a miss......

    My son called yesterday telling me of his experience with a local Hyundai dealer. He brought his Accent in for a recall and made the mistake of telling them to change his oil, I warned him.... Anyhow they call him, not once but three times to inform him he needs some GDI injector/intake cleaning...
  6. demarpaint

    Graeme Edge Moody Blues co-founder dead.

    I really enjoy their music. Sad to see another music world loss.
  7. demarpaint

    Interesting find bleeding my clutch.

    Every few years I bleed the clutch on my E-150 van, this time I went a bit too long, and getting into first gear when things heated up was getting a little tough. Anyhow bleeding corrected the issue. What I found interesting was between the bell housing and the rear of the engine, at the bottom...
  8. demarpaint

    Help with a fan belt. TIA

    Long story short my AC died in my van and with winter setting in I don't have the time or desire to mess around with it now. As it stands I can't drive it. I want to get a fan belt to bypass the AC for it but it's not as easy as ordering a belt for an 88 E-150 4.9L w/o AC. Reason being the...
  9. demarpaint

    Looked at the 2022 Wrangler online today.

    I was disappointed to see in an article DI finally made its way into the 3.6L engine. I knew it would be sooner or later, later would have been better for me though. Looks like I'll be holding my 2016 Wrangler for a few more years. <img src="/forums/graemlins/27.gif" alt="hide"...
  10. demarpaint

    Home heating forced hot air problem, need HVAC expert..

    TIA It's still cold on L.I. and I popped on the heat only to find our old hot air heater is not working. The diagnostics were easy enough however after trying to clean the part [Limit Switch or Limit Control] to no avail I need a replacement part. I can't locate it because of the age of the...
  11. demarpaint

    Logitech Keyboard and Mouse issues with Linux Cinnamon?

    Is anyone running Linux Cinnamon 20 or 20.1 having issues with keyboard and mouse lag? I had a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse for a very long time and it finally broke. I went with a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse, and the lag is driving me nuts. Searching message boards left me...
  12. demarpaint

    2008 Liberty OLM Update.

    I've written about the OLM in my wife's 08 Jeep Liberty before. Yesterday it indicated it was time to change the oil. What is puzzling this time is it might actually be correct. LOL Her driving conditions this OCI were the worst they've been since we bought the Liberty new back in December 2007...
  13. demarpaint

    Lubing old ratchets with C Clip retainer?

    I have a few old Craftsman pear head ratchets, US made with the internal C-Clip retainers holding the internals in. I took two apart cleaned and lubed them, put them together and the C-Clip will turn with finger nail pressure on one of them, but holds the wrench together. Prior it the clip was...
  14. demarpaint

    VIM Stubby Hex Bit Set, Metric, 9-Piece

    I grabbed a set as per @Trav's recommendation. I bought them from Home Depot, online, shipped free for under $25. They'll be put to good use.
  15. demarpaint

    US JACK 6 ton jack stands.

    I ordered these a while back, and they arrived about a week or so ago. They were on some sort of CV-19 related back-order I believe. At any rate they were worth the wait. They're not cheap, but a good investment for me. I'll use them for my van and two Jeeps, I wanted the extra strength and...
  16. demarpaint


    Mods please move or delete if already posted: I got this email from HF this morning. It appears they expanded the jack-stand recall: HARBOR FREIGHT To the Harbor Freight Community: I'm writing to apologize. I often reach out to tell you about Harbor Freight's commitment to quality and all...
  17. demarpaint


    I mentioned this before, some members might not have seen it. I have an 08 Liberty with what appears to be a screwed up OLM. I've ignored it since day 1, I bought the Jeep new. Last OCI the OLM would have had me dump the oil in 1,573 miles, today it went off at 1,839 miles. It certainly isn't...
  18. demarpaint

    Hazet 916 HPL

    I was looking for a good long handle 1/2" drive ratchet. Trav pointed me to this beast, and I bought one. It is stronger than most breaker bars, and has 90 teeth for a 4 degrees of arc swing. Sorry for the large picture. <img...
  19. demarpaint

    Jack Welch Dies at 84

    GE's former CEO dies at 84. RIP Jack Welch.
  20. demarpaint

    SATA Tools

    I stumbled upon these: <a href="" target="_blank">SATA Tools</a> truth be told I never heard of them. They're made by the company who makes GearWrench, Apex tools...