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  1. Direct_Rejection

    RIP Mr. Bookman.

    Philip Baker Hall. If you know, you know. Library fines are serious business.
  2. Direct_Rejection

    Why I Switched to 0W8

    --Past UOAs provide data points indicating non-severe service. --Recent new circumstances are even less severe. --Delivery driver subcontractor with very consistent conditions. --Average 80k mi/yr. 225 mi/dy. 358 dys/yr. --Mildest of climates working, living in SF Bay Area. --Mostly flat roads...
  3. Direct_Rejection

    2019 Lexus UX 250h

    Today, I traded in my beloved 2018 Toyota Tacoma 4cylinder ("Marathon Man") The UX Hybrid uses an Atkinsonized version of the 2.0L engine found in Corolla Hatchback. Everything is so precise. There is world class 41% thermal efficiency. The computer controls it all. There is an electric...