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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    With Nissan's track record on CVT's I think ~$15 to change both filters was pretty cheap insurance. It also gave me the chance to see how much metallic material was on the pan magnets and clean them.
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    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    I'd either take it to another shop or do it myself. When I planned to change the CVT fluid/filters in my '16 Nissan Versa at 30K miles I spoke to the dealer about it and they told me they would change the fluid but they never change the filters. I ordered the fluid/filters online and did it...
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    Oil weight observation and fuel economy

    During the course of an oil change interval in my Nissan Versa I sometimes see variations of 4-5 MPG from one tank to the next and 1-2 MPG variation isn't at all uncommon. Too many things effect fuel mileage to pin it on the oil in the crankcase. I usually use 15-20 year old 10w40 conventional...
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    Buying Parts Through the Repair Shop

    I'm sure the mechanic I use when I need one marks up parts but it must not be much because he will also let you furnish your own parts which I usually do. In a case of furnishing your own parts he raises his labor rate from $55 per hour to $60 per hour to offset the profit on parts.
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    Kelly Tires really?

    Speaking of Montgomery Ward, my dad ran their store branded tires for years without issues. He was told by one of their employees their tires were made by Kelly-Springfield. This was back in the '60's or 70's. The first set of tires I bought were Montgomery Ward raised white letter tires, Road...
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    Repaint or replace faded wiper arm?

    If you're worried about them matching remove both wiper arms, sand them and give them both a rattle can paint job. Personally I'd probably use a flat black.
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    Canadian spec car switched to US gauge cluster, reading off

    My biggest concern if the cluster has been changed is whether the mileage on the odometer is accurate or not. Years ago I had a speedometer go bad. It was replaced under warranty with a new cluster but the new speedometer was set at 000000.0 miles when installed instead of the 014XXX.X miles...
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    My catalytic converter was stolen

    In that case they'll just take the motor and/or batteries.
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    Water heater on/off?

    After having a water heater leak in 2017 that caused about $25K in damages I'd turn the water off to the house. Just cutting off the water supply to the water heater and cutting power doesn't protect you from other leaks that could happen. My uncle and aunt came home from vacation one time...
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    Surprised at the gun lube prices...

    I use Hoppe's 9 for cleaning and 3 in 1 oil for lubrication. A can of 3 in 1 is cheap and lasts me for years. I'm sure a drop or two of good ole 10w40 would work too.
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    Taurus 9mm

    I can't speak for this model because I've never shot one of them but some Taurus handguns have a long trigger pull before it breaks and fires and takes a little getting used to. I have a Taurus PT709 Slim that's that way and it took me a while to get used to it. I've had the 709 for several...
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    Nearly 40mpg on a 50 weight.

    10w40 will be fine in SC winters. I used it for years while living in the Charlotte, NC area. I am now in southwestern KY where it gets much colder but I'm still using 10w40.
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    Electric pressure washer maintenance?

    I'm never using mine during 0* weather, only in the spring and summer so giving it a couple seconds to expel the water from the pump after use has worked fine in my case. It's not uncommon for us to see temperatures from single digits to negative single digits.
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    Electric pressure washer maintenance?

    I when I finish using my electric I disconnect the hoses then turn the unit on for about a second or two to pump the access water out of the pump. I've always stored it in non climate controlled conditions without any issues.
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    Dealing with IRS

    I've ran into a couple issues with the IRS over the past 45 years and have always sent the proof to clear up the issue through the USPS. If it were me I'd send the proof in with a copy of their letter but be sure to keep copies for yourself.
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    Pennzoil 20w20?

    I bought about 10 cases of Pennzoil 20w20 at a flea market in the early-mid 00's. They were asking $1 a quart so I asked them what they'd take if I bought it all and ended up getting it for $ .65 a quart. What I bought I suspect was bottled in the late '80's or early '90's. The owner of the...
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    E10 in Garden Tractor?

    I've used E/10 in everything I've owned since it became the main fuel available in this area in the late '70's or early 80's. The main problem I've had over the years is with carbs on Japanese motorcycles I've owned needing cleaning. I usually pull the carbs off my mowers and clean them every...
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    Son just got license, Wow! $1300 a year insurance increase, liability only...

    I won't say how good they are but I just changed from Auto Owners to Progressive a couple months ago. I had an accident on slick roads in Jan. '22 Auto Owners was a nightmare to deal with then wanted to raise my rates about $300 a year (62 years old and first chargeable accident in probably 15...
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    Mixing oil additives

    I seriously doubt mixing the additives would hurt anything but if it were me I'd leave it as is until I found out just how much the Lucus improves oil consumption. In the past when my vehicles start to burn oil I often start adding a bottle of STP or similar product to the 10w40 I normally use...
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    New guy. 5w20 questions

    Maybe that's the reason I never use Mobil 1. I've seen too many of those engines turn loose while watching NASCAR. ;)