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    Blue Flame

    A bit of Milwaukee history from 50 years ago today:
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    Fuel and Brake Line Replacement

    My daughter's 1996 Accord needed new tires and a few other things, and while test driving it after repair I stepped on the brakes a little harder than usual and heard and felt a "pop" in the rear. Bottom line is that the brake line to the right rear wheel was severely corroded above the fuel...
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    2019 Honda Accord Sport 1.5T

    It has finally come time to replace one of my old vehicles (probably the Sienna) with a new one. A nearby dealership has a new 2019 Honda Accord Sport 1.5L with a manual transmission for a decent price, can anyone give any opinions on this car? I can't wait to see if they give me a wholesale...
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    1NZ-FE Under Valve Cover - 280,000 Miles

    As part of some other general maintenance I had to do after nearly 20 years, I noticed the valve cover gasket was leaking a bit at the rear. It had never been changed on the ECHO so I changed it out and the inside looked very good after all these miles. This engine is nothing like my 1MZ-FE...
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    1996 Honda Accord 2.2l (F22B2) Oil Leaks - Leakdown Test

    Hello, My old Accord with the F22B2 engine started seeping oil through all the gaskets on the top end including the distributor seal, the spark plug tube seals and the valve cover. When I open the oil cap with the engine running there is quite a bit of air coming out of the hole, more than...
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    BMW E34/M60 Water Pump Replacement

    Well for the third time since I've owned the car the water pump on my old BMW was on its way out so I replaced it. In theory it should be a relatively easy job, just remove the fan, shroud, and hoses and it comes right off. In practice though the installation of the new pump is much more...
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    BMW Coolant Leak Inside Bell Housing

    After truly believing that there was no further way for this car to have a coolant leak I was proven wrong yesterday. It has been leaking coolant onto the garage floor and yesterday I found it is coming from inside the bell housing between the engine and the transmission. Over the past few years...
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    BMW Parts from China

    I'm working on changing out the power steering lines and the oil hoses to/from the filter canister (which go through the engine mount) on my BMW, and one of the oil lines I noticed was made in China. I got this from a BMW dealer, so obviously BMW is outsourcing at least some part production to...
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    P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold

    I am getting this code on my ECHO with a check engine light. I've been trying to read up on how to use the diagnostic information I get from my OBDII scanner and I just really don't understand what I'm seeing. Below is a typical display for the fuel trims and voltages, I'm sure that isn't good...
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    New Car Warranties and Oil

    Lots of times I read on here where using an oil of a grade or even a specification other than what is listed in the owner's manual will void the warranty. It came up in another thread today, and I've always wondered if this is true. I looked through the owner's manuals for all four of my...
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    Turbocharger Whistle

    In the semi-rural area where I live there are a lot of pickups, many are of the diesel variety. I have noticed that a significant number have loud turbocharger whistle, some are downright obnoxious. Is this due to some defect or mechanical condition or did the owners do something to the engine...
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    Sunsong Power Steering Hose Assy

    A while back I was helping someone replace their power steering hoses on a Toyota and I noticed a Chinese company (Sunsong) selling complete power steering hose assemblies for most Toyotas. I didn't buy it at the time but when I needed one this past week for my ECHO I decided to check it out. It...
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    Pinky the Cat

    Somehow I missed seeing this: <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    AirPlay and Apple TV

    So I noticed that when I was "streaming" some types of video from my iPhone or iPad to my Apple TV that it never ran the battery down or appeared to use a lot of processing power on the device. I looked it up and as I suspected when the video isn't on the device but is coming from a provider's...
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    99 Toyota Sienna - Aisin A540 Transmission Issues

    The transmission on my Sienna is starting to act up. It has been doing weird things for the past 25,000 miles or so, but lately it is getting worse. It still shifts OK and there is no flare between shifts, but it is acting "harsh" or shudering, especially on a downshift. I don't know how else to...
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    99 Sienna Timing Belt Change - 322,000 Miles

    For probably the last time, I changed out the timing belt and water pump on my old Sienna. The belt and cooling system looked good, no major issues except a stuck bolt in the engine mount support. Water gets down inside the support and corrodes the aluminum against the steel bolt. Anyway, I...
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    1994 BMW 530i (M60) 192,490 Miles

    The old girl has a coolant leak that isn't obvious (yet), and I had concerns it might be leaking into the oil. I guess not. The fuel is probably due to multiple short trips in very cold northern Wisconsin. <img src=""...
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    In-Cylinder Videos

    A long time ago I posted a link to a video of a gasoline engine cylinder during operation. Today I was poking around and found one of a diesel engine, I thought it was interesting. See both below: <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360"...
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    Netflix Streaming

    The article also notes that they are on course for a total of 78,000,000 terabytes for all of 2014: <a href=""...
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    Exhaust System Welding

    My ECHO has an exhaust leak right where one of the hangers is welded to the pipe. This pipe extends from the manifold to the muffler and has an integrated catalytic converter. The pipe is original and despite the miles is still relatively substantial and I'm not throwing any cat codes or...