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  1. edyvw

    BMW iX1

    Here is new X1. Will be offered with ICE (2 gas and 2 diesels), PHEV (48V), and electric only. Classic design. No nonsense with handles and similar garbage! Introducing the First Ever BMW iX1 EV
  2. edyvw

    Which charger?

    Ok, I am getting solar panels and want to install EV charger. You guys who know more about this stuff, tell me which would be most optimal? We will get eventually PHEV or EV. BMW or VW, perhaps Audi. Right now strongest contender is BMW X5 45e or VW ID4.
  3. edyvw

    Ling Long company and human trafficking case!

    So, if moderators think this is inappropriate or for belongs somewhere else, remove it or move it. There is a case that just exploded in Serbia today and it will become news fairly soon in EU. Basically, Ling Long brought bunch of workers from Vietnam to build factory in Serbia. Even when...
  4. edyvw

    VW Tiguan 2.0T Mobil1 ESP 0W30

    Here is 5k UOA of M1 ESP 0W30 ACEA C3, VW504.00/507.00. UOA is 5k and there are IMO several red flags here. First, the TAN is high and higher than TBN. This version of ESP should have slower oxidation than previous version, but as previous UOA shows (old ESP 5W30) oxidation seem less excessive...
  5. edyvw

    Need opinion: BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT

    My in-laws have a condo here in Colorado Springs that they visit often during the summer (they live in Vegas, so summer here is their escape). In winter they come once or twice. They keep their 2009 Honda Pilot FWD here that I take care of. Tires on Pilot are shoot. I want to get something new...
  6. edyvw

    BMW is in the game.

    Well, I might own one, in not so near future since as long as they make inline 6 engines I will own one. However, things are getting interesting :
  7. edyvw

    2011 BMW 328i Castrol Edge 0W40 5,000 mls UOA.

    Here is another UOA for this engine. The previous one (seen in this report too) was Castrol Edge 0W30. That oil did not have any track time, just lots of daycare runs and aggressive driving to Arapahoe Basin for some skiing. This one did one hard day at the High Plains Raceway. Ambient...
  8. edyvw

    New bird testing thin air airport!

    Well, it is that time when Boeing tests new airplanes. We can see here in COS all kinds of birds, pretty much anything military that flies, but then also diverted traffic from Denver, so interesting birds like B747, A350 etc. are not uncommon. But, this one was a treat:
  9. edyvw

    Brake pedal sinking Toyota Sienna

    Ok guys, I have a strange problem for some time. For several months in the morning or after 5-6hrs rest, brake pedal on 2015 Sienna is super soft, and barely stops getting out of garage on 7% grade. 2-3 braking attempts and things go back to normal. Thought first worn pads, as I sucked out any...
  10. edyvw

    Castrol Edge 0W30 UOA BMW 328i xDrive

    Here is UOA from my BMW after 4,600 miles. I changed it bcs. regular track season was coming. This oil didn’t see track, but saw a lot of hard driving. Dropping kids to daycare every morning, 20 mile round trip. Picking them up, once a week skiing and pushing car as hard as possible in the...
  11. edyvw

    OE or OEM? Reminder to shop around!

    I am doing an overhaul of the suspension on my BMW. I am literally replacing everything that has rubber and upgrading some parts. SO in the back, I am upgrading 4 control arms (2 on each side) to M3 ones. There is a total of 4 control arms on each wheel, but only 2 can fit from M3. They are...
  12. edyvw

    Iceland Air B767 in Antarctica

    I think few years back they used B757. This time is B767, 6 pilots, 1 engineer, 13 cabin crew members, 20,000 miles round trip. Picking up Norwegian scientists in South Africa, dropping them off, picking up Norwegian scientists that spent some time in Antartica, dropping them off in Norway...
  13. edyvw

    Lexus IS500

    Kudos to Lexus: I think if they execute this right, they might get some BMW, MB, Audi drivers. Their previous attempt to attack high performance BMW's, Audi's etc. was IS F. I had opportunity to drive it several...
  14. edyvw

    Mobil1 5W40 FS x2: What is the point?

    So, I have seen this in AAP today: Some PAO, mostly GTL. Rich in additives same as 0W40. Really good HTHS of 3.8. But no MB229.5. So, what is the point? I just hope they don’t plan to go away with 0W40.
  15. edyvw

    Remanufactured or used calipers from BMW E90 335 to E90 328i?

    OK guys. Question for those of you having experience with remanufactured calipers (Trav I am aiming at you): I am currently retrofitting my 328i with oil cooler from 335i. After that project I am going to install brakes from 335. They are bolt on. Rotor fits perfectly in, as well as calipers...
  16. edyvw

    Pennzoil strikes again with PDS (Euro 5W40)

    Through the years I know that Pennzoil PDS is a lottery. So, new PDS that is issued in May for Euro 5W40 has some interesting numbers, and at first I did not paid too much attention. Pour point dropped to -45,, higher KV100 etc. Than at second look I remembered that I saw these numbers before...
  17. edyvw

    New Motul Lineup

    So, I was looking through Motul lineup last few days, and I stumbled across some interesting info. First of all, I did not look before carefully into new X-Clean+ line which is VW504.00/507.00, BMW LL04, MB229.51, although it is out some time. What is interesting about this is KV100 is 11.7...
  18. edyvw

    Premium vs. Budget Snow tires

    Hey guys, Here is interesting video of difference between premium (nokian) and budget (tristar, or something like that) tires. The test was done at Nokian testing facility, but let's give it benefit of doubt that everything was square and fair. Also, I think most important thing to remember is...
  19. edyvw

    Mobil 1 5w-30 10k mi; 2015 Toyota Sienna 2GR-FE 60k mi

    Guys, Here is UOA from 2GR-FE in my Sienna. Oil is Mobil1 5W30 Extended Performance combined with OE Toyota oil filter. This oil had interesting life. 1. First approximately 4,000 miles, it was 50% city and 50% hard open driving up the Rocky Mountains twice a week to ski. When I drive up I70 (I...
  20. edyvw

    What High-Mileage oil for 2004 Honda Pilot?

    OK guys, I am not well familiar with what is "best" HM oil, or is there any that people prefer. Vehicle in question is 2004 Honda Pilot. My father and mother in-law gave vehicle to my wife's sister and her husband few years back. He was primarily driving vehicle, and except beer knowledge and...