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  1. haggler

    Mazda dealer refused to change transmission fluid

    What a ridiculous dealership. If there's a problem, they need to diagnose it especially if you're under warranty. Usually that entails changing the fluid, I'm willing to bet Mazda would tell them to do it. Go to another dealership. It might not even be the fluid, maybe the tranny has problems...
  2. haggler

    Hyundai - oil recommendations from dealer

    Couldn't disagree more. We have both models in 2018 model year. The toyota handles better with actual steering feel, soaks up the bumps better, and seems quicker due to shorter gearing and 8 speed. Quality wise, especially in the interior, I'd say its about equal with an edge to the Kia. Toyota...
  3. haggler

    Rental Review 2022 Chevy Camaro 2.0 Turbo

    If I ever get it built, I have an order in for a '23 2ss 6mt. I drove the v6, and it felt quick - like my old 08' G37 S 6mt - but I have never owned a V8 sports car. I fell in love with the low end torque of the small block. The mustang GT engine had more thrilling top end, but the rest of the...
  4. haggler

    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    From what I read, if you disconnect the ATF cooler line, it will allow air to displace and fill much more smoothly. Takes an extra step but might save time overall.
  5. haggler

    Trying to liquidate my excess oil this year.

    ah good ole wally I have used only 4/15 Castrol EP bottles. I think I will have to start using them in my Kia too...even though 10w30 is better.
  6. haggler

    Oil suggestions for 2021 1.5T GM Ecotech

    I maintain my Dad's 2020 Equinox with the 1.5t. I use 5w20 Castrol EP because that's what I have. The car runs fine. I recommend the PF64 ACDelco filter, its pretty good. OLM hits 10% or so after 6-7k. Not a fan of the vehicle because of the numb handling, but people that buy these cars that's...
  7. haggler

    2013 G37 sedan with 29,000 miles. Question on oil change intervals

    I had a 08 G37 6mt for over 8 years. change every 5-7k and use Mobil 1 0w40. I used 5w30 in the beginning but those engines like the thicker oil.
  8. haggler

    Question about brake fluid

    i bought my 2018 kia used in fall of 2020. I was going to replace all the brake until I realized I should try flushing the fluid first. Huge difference, no more sponge feel - yet the car was only 2 years old. Now I am going to change the front rotors since they are vibrating badly on the...
  9. haggler

    Do you clean the threads?

    nope, just shake it real well.
  10. haggler

    22 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid / 3,079 oci / Mobil1 5W-30

    Not sure I would deviate. Numbers look ok. 10w30 not a bad idea either.
  11. haggler

    Mobil 0w-16, 9,700 miles, 2019 Toyota Camry, 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder Dynamic Force

    This is what Toyota thinks of 10k OCI...They provide it for Toyota care to make the maintenance costs low for them and you... but when they sell you Toyota Care Plus maintenance package they change it every 5k...go figure.
  12. haggler

    Mobil 0w-16, 9,700 miles, 2019 Toyota Camry, 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder Dynamic Force

    Prefer xw-20, the engine doesn't get as loud at high RPM and sounds healthier. Changing at 5k too, mostly city though.
  13. haggler

    Autozone brake clean + sly glid packet + 12/32oz DOT3 $5/$7

    I needed brake clean to replace my front rotors this weekend. Only 37k but heavy vibration on fwy. So instead of going to wally, I noticed AZ has this deal. The 12 oz bottle of DOT3 is 5$ and 32oz is 7$. I didn't need the fluid but regular price is 4.99 for a 14oz can of store brand brake...
  14. haggler

    Laptop motherboard dead, can I replace and have windows 10 activate?

    If you tied your license to a microsoft account and were logged in, then yes. If not, the license is tied to the motherboard. But in your case since the motherboard is likely to have a license, I think you're good. But its unclear to me what would happen if that refurb had been tied to a MS account.
  15. haggler

    Oil Filter Recycling

    autozone takes oil/filter so does the local tire shop.
  16. haggler

    2021 Mazda MX-5 2.0L, Factory Fill 0W-20, 3800 miles, 12 months

    The oem filters dont have an adbv but they don't affect anything. I have a uoa posted from when I had a 2019. 5-6k seems like a good interval. Enjoy the car, I surely miss it.
  17. haggler


    If this is the CORE I'm happy with the EG. Thanks for the cut.
  18. haggler

    Can a Californian register this car?

    Don't think so.
  19. haggler

    Got a deal on 10lb bag rice

    red rice
  20. haggler

    Fram Extra Guard is the best bang for your buck.

    I think they raised the prices in store, but on their website they are lower and there's even a popup that says they price match their own online price.