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    Our Daughter Is Making an Early Arrival!

    Congrats, John. Best wishes that everything goes great.
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    2022 Tundra Crew Max

    You made a blanket statement for all FCA products. I was just pointing out that the blanket statement was not correct.
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    2022 Tundra Crew Max

    Towing 30k lbs up the Ike with the same truck, they got 2.5 MPG, according to the onboard readout. Which as I've found is pretty accurate.
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    2022 Tundra Crew Max

    My RAM dually will show whatever the current or average MPG is. I haven't seen below 2 MPG yet though. Doing hand calculations with every fill-up, the computer generated MPG readout, is pretty accurate. Towing at 36K+ GCVW, at altitude, on a hot day, it's never shown any propensity to get too...
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    Limited participation for now

    Best to you, Overkill. I'm taking a sabbatical for the sole reason that I feel I've spent too much time online. But I wanted to log in and wish you the best, AND to state that I hope the valve didn't come from 'Abby Normal'. 😁
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    Veterans Day

    Thank you to all who serve and served. Just in case any Veteran didn't know, there are deals to be had at AAFES today.
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    Your Stuff

    Yes, I have people who make inquiries about various items. If I don't want to sell, and the first 'NO' isn't enough. I can and will get more blunt in my refusal. There was a vehicle which nearly every time I drove it, some random stranger would ask if it was for sale. I'd always say no. Until...
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    Corvette passengers survive 126mph head on crash!

    I tend to be an eye-for-an-eye type of person. The young woman he murdered was alive, conscious, and according to witnesses, screaming as she burned to death with her dog. She was 23. I'd be just fine of he were sentenced to the same fate. But I know that won't happen, and he'll likely be back...
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    Rough first 2 weeks for the Toyota Venza

    17.4 mpg at 90 mph in a 5k lb brick, isn't too bad.
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    Not a random photo thread

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    Is Inflation Going To Cripple The Economy ?

    They would likely say that hindsight is 20/20. Asset management firms are required by law to tell potential investors that 'Past performance is no guarantee of future results' or words to that effect...
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    Best Ferrari to Drive...

    My sister and BIL had a Ferrari California. It was nice to drive. The kind of car you'd take for a cruise on Highway 1. My BIL prefers his Porsche 911 Turbo S cars. He just got another one of those. It's definitely faster than the California.
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    FAST Semi Trucks INVADED the Texas Half Mile Event!

    From the sound, I'd say a screamin' jimmy (Detroit Diesel) 2-stroke. Despite all time I've spent at dragstrips, I've never seen these types of races in person.
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    Okay, the tire you recommended... The bottom line is that the tire I recommended for the OP's specific use, is quieter than the tire you recommended. Yet you felt compelled to take issue and laugh like my recommendation was ridiculous. When that is pointed out, you get defensive... Look at...
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    They're also quieter than the tire you're running. Making the laugh at best, uninformed.
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    I believe I said that every tire is a compromise, in my first post in this thread. Which you apparently found hilarious. Just saying...
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    If it makes you feel better, the KO2 is quieter on the same vehicle than the Toyo A/T 3. But the Toyo does have better wet traction. Same size and load range. I'm running the Yokohama A/T G015 on the 4wd trail exploring vehicle, because I wanted QUIET, wet traction, and snow traction. No...
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    Is Inflation Going To Cripple The Economy ?

    We just need a few more rounds of stimulus checks, and everything will be peachy.
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    Looking for Quiet All Terrains

    How much experience do you have with various A/T tires? I've owned a bunch. I didn't choose the BFG KO2 either on the current 4wd trail exploring vehicle, because wet traction was important. I've owned every version of the BFG A/T since the 80's. While the KO2 is better in the wet than the...