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  1. Finklejag

    2023 Honda HR-V

    One of my local dealers received a demo model so I went over there to test drive it. They had the middle Sport trim to check out. I was very impressed with it. I liked the exterior styling and the interior was really nice. I feel Honda took a page out of the Mazda playbook when it came to fit...
  2. Finklejag

    Washington State DMV fees going up on July 1st.

    My State‘s governor signed a $17 billion dollar transportation bill, so that means DMV fees are going up. One item they snuck in was raising the dealers “Doc Fee“ maximum to $200. I know this is still low compared to some states that don’t have a cap. I guess the dealers Association lobbyist...
  3. Finklejag

    My NC750X has a lil brother now

    I drove 6 hours round trip to pick it up today. I been looking to buy one for the last year and a half. My three local big dealers had a list 20 deep with a required $500 deposit, and maybe got a few over the last year. Then one of them had a $2K markup on them. I been checking Motohunt daily...
  4. Finklejag

    Calling Acura dealers

    I have two Acura dealers in my metro area and call both to ask about if they were selling the Integra at MSRP if you order one. The first dealer said they have a $3K ADM on their orders. I called the second one and actually talked to the sales manager. I asked the same question and he said their...
  5. Finklejag

    Is it the modem or Comcast

    I have an Arris 6190 Surboard right now. This is my 4th Surfboad, the first few were Motorola ones. I have been having a problem with my modem or Comcast rebooting itself. The strange thing is it always happens around 9:30pm or 10:30pm. It’s not every night, it hardly ever occurs during the...
  6. Finklejag

    Dealers proclaiming they don’t do ADM

    Then have a $1800 dealer installed accessory fee on every car. Who are they trying to fool? So they install all weather mats, trunk mat, mud flaps, door edge guards that cost them $300-$500 and then charge $1800 for it. I love how they name these overpriced add ons like “ PNW protection package”.
  7. Finklejag

    Strike two for Ford

    I been on the hunt for a new car for the last six months and it hasn’t been easy as you can imagine. I liked the looks of the Bronco Sport so I placed an order for one on December 2nd, 2021 sight unseen since no one had them in stock at that time. I put a $500 refundable deposit down and ordered...
  8. Finklejag

    New Motorcraft FL-1A cut open

  9. Finklejag

    oil filter testing video

    This video is for entertainment only. What do you guys think?
  10. Finklejag

    Americana Hotel, DC

    About six or seven years ago I went to DC to visit for the first time. Seeing I was in my 40’s and never visited the Nations Capital, it was time to do it. I decided to go in late September, the summer rush was over and the heat and humidity has dialed back a bit. The first thing that blew my...
  11. Finklejag

    Kawasaki 750GPZ

    I saw this at work today, what a clean 40 year old bike. It’s either a 83 or 84.
  12. Finklejag

    Non DOT helmets

    So last summer I was looking at this Airoh Commander helmet on a Spanish motorcycle company website. I really liked the looks of it and only weighs 3.37 lbs. I guess I entered my email address for them to notify me when they were going to be back in stock. The price last summer was $360 + $40...
  13. Finklejag

    4X drain & fill

    I bought my 06 Acura TL off of a friend. When I bought it 5 months ago it had 159K. It nows has 161K. I’m the 3rd owner and it looks like the first owner and my friend never changed the transmission fluid since it was pretty dark and smelled burnt. I bought 9 quarts of Maxlife on sale at Napa...
  14. Finklejag

    Filed for bankruptcy and here is your new credit card.

    This story is about my brother. He’s been out of work for almost four years now with a workers comp claim. In the last four years he has had six surgeries which were two lower lumbar spinal fusions, upper neck spinal fusion, carpal tunnel on both hands, cubital tunnel on his left arm. He lives...
  15. Finklejag

    Rear main seal replacement

    I‘m on the fence about buying a new car in this current climate. My current car is a 06 Acura TL with 161K miles. I pretty much had 90% of the oil leaks fixed in the last five months. The seals I replaced were oil pump, spool valve, valve covers, cam plugs, cam seals, crank seal, oil pan. The...
  16. Finklejag

    Worst possible place for the ECU

    So Ford decided that the Maverick’s ECU location should be in the lower front bumper where the majority of accident damage happens. A common fender bender could be in the thousands to repair if this crucial part is damaged in any way.
  17. Finklejag

    Cars built during the Covid pandemic

    I’m in the market for a new car right now and I started thinking about cars built in the last two years. Will these cars have reliability issues down the road because of part shortages and manpower shortages at the factories? I know at any job, if you’re short handed, you sometimes take short...
  18. Finklejag

    Ancel AD310 OBD

    $11.90 with discount code OJNN9V6V
  19. Finklejag

    American dealership selling 2021 Canadian Ford Bronco Sports

    I was browsing one of my local Chevy dealers and came upon these two 2021 Ford Bronco Sports. I clicked on the Carfax and was surprised they came from Alberta. I know about the 25 year rule for importing non US cars, but how did this dealer get away with this? First they have these used Bronco...
  20. Finklejag

    New tires for Kona N

    It looks like I will be buying a Hyundai Kona N sometime next month. It comes with 235/40/19 Pirelli P Zero summer performance tires. These tires have a UTQG of 220. So these will be toast in about 10K on a 276hp front wheel drive car. It will be my only car and I will have to drive it in...