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  1. Cujet

    Surprised by the number of hybrid vehicles in France

    Best case: EV's convert 59 to 61% of grid power to wheel power. Published numbers that show "better" percentages take into account regenerative braking. It's good to know that charger losses, battery charge and discharge losses, controller losses and motor losses all stack up. The 59 to 61%...
  2. Cujet

    Interesting VW new car warranty experience

    Interesting story and by no means is it unique. We purchased a brand new G600 Gulfstream jet, with a 6 year bumper to bumper warranty, and on it's 3rd flight, with a grand total of about 30 hours flight time, had a massive internal engine fuel leak that darn near burned the engine off the...
  3. Cujet

    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    Awesome vehicle! I have 3 F150's. Considering today's fuel prices, the 2.7 with the big fuel tank is the one that flat out ROCKS! I can tow about 6000-6500 pounds (helicopter dolly and trailer) no problem and it still gets the same or better economy than my 5.4L V8 with no load! These really...
  4. Cujet

    What is "Plan B" if I can't get Amsoil Z-Rod for My 1990 Corvette ZR-1.

    There is always the M1 10W-40 motorcycle oil. Plenty of ZDDP and fantastic shear resistance. Generally available at WalMart.
  5. Cujet

    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    Well they do make the claim in the video that the trailer is well within the towing specs. amd these guys do seem to know what they are doing. So I’m thinking that neither truck was overloaded In any way.
  6. Cujet

    Surprised by the number of hybrid vehicles in France

    Not so. The very best power plant is just over 60% efficient at the generator's terminals, and there are NO power plants over 54% efficient at the power plant fence. Its a simple matter to take the BTU's consumed at the very best power plant, and convert it to wheel power on a Tesla Model S...
  7. Cujet

    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    75 miles of practical towing range. That's no surprise. I've been saying this for years now. Unfortunately, there really is a large group of "believers" who insist that this is somehow OK for the average person. It's not. If you need to do real work, don't purchase an electric anything. If you...
  8. Cujet

    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    I'll bet you can't replace the car for what the insurance company pays you.
  9. Cujet

    Aptera - self feeds up to 40 miles/day

    Some people really think that each time energy costs double, I should cut my vehicle size in half. Nonsense. I'm a working man and need to transport not just myself, but heavy cargo and more than one person (flight crew). Tomorrow, I'll be moving a 400HZ power cart and 5 Ton (BTU capacity, not...
  10. Cujet

    Tire suggestions for an EV or MPG

    Michelin makes a number of tires with LRR (low rolling resistance) as a key specification. And one that is specifically for your vehicle and LRR. The Energy Saver A/S. I've used some of the earlier versions with good results, but somewhat shorter tread life when compared to more conventional...
  11. Cujet

    A dinosaur for the Fans! 1994 Lincoln Town Car -

    Wow, what a dinosaur. I will admit, I enjoy driving them, if only for the "throwback" smooth ride and feel they have. But it seems to me that it should be gloss black.
  12. Cujet

    What kind of plane is this?

    Looks like a Cessna Citation II. Interestingly, it's not much faster than the Piaggio! They don't have heated leading edges for icing conditions and instead rely on inflatable boots. Despite some claims that boots work well, boots are not a viable way to operate an "all weather" aircraft. The...
  13. Cujet

    Chest Freezer doesn’t get cold enough?

    My new chest freezer took about 3 days to fully cool off. At first, I thought it was "weak" but it's been -10 or so after cooling down. The burn marks are probably from production soldering.
  14. Cujet

    Surprised by the number of hybrid vehicles in France

    And yet like many others, I really want an EV for the effortless performance the better models offer. Let's be honest, a Plaid would suit my performance needs quite well... But at $130K, they are sadly $100K out of my reach. In fact, a Plaid is as unobtainable to me as any number of exotic cars...
  15. Cujet

    Thought provoking quote from Mike Rowe "Dirty Jobs"

    Not that I really care too much, but when I retire, I'm somewhat worried they won't find a viable replacement. I've not been able to find good help for many years now. As a general rule, competent people in my field are well employed and not available. Such is life.
  16. Cujet

    Project Farm- Tests Jeans

    I live in Florida, I've not worn jeans in decades! It's too hot.
  17. Cujet

    What kind of plane is this?

    They have a unique sound too. The props operate in the turbine's exhaust, and are behind the wing, so there is a mix of prop-interaction noises that are so distinct, you know it's a Piaggio. We always called them "buzz jets". The US Piaggio sales office was upstairs to my office at Jet Aviation...
  18. Cujet

    Does anyone still make 2 Cycle Push Mowers?

    They are quite a pleasure to use. Very light, lower vibration and extremely powerful.
  19. Cujet

    McLaren 600LT versus Guardrail. The guardrail won.

    everyone thinks it is. But I drive these things all the time. my example is the Jupiter off ramp and the results are clear.
  20. Cujet

    Car Battery recommendation - Size 124R

    Exactly! In fact, I purchased the cheapest AAP battery in an emergency and it's been fine. Every bit as good as my Costco purchases. Correct on the receipt too.