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  1. Kruse

    2007 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L V8 | Valvoline Synth Blend 5W-20 4,263 mi

    Yep, keep giving them the 20K intervals and see how long they last.
  2. Kruse

    2007 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6L V8 | Valvoline Synth Blend 5W-20 4,263 mi

    IMO, the 4.6 and 5.4 SOHC engines need somewhat frequent oil changes to keep the timing chain guides happy. 4,000 miles is about the longest I go on my 1997 F250 5.4 SOHC engine, now entering 270,000 miles without a teardown and still no oil usage between changes.
  3. Kruse

    How seriously do you take your day off?

    I’ll help immediate family members with their automotive needs, but cousins and friends are off limits. They are the worst complainers when it comes to price and they also want a lifetime warranty on every effin part of their car…whether I worked on it or not. My mild-mannered wife becomes an...
  4. Kruse

    InTech 5.4 32V engine- low oil light came on at high speed, think a bearing may have spun?

    I know I'm beating a good horse to death here, but.... What brand of replacement parts will you and your two mechanics be using? There are some really cheap and crappy replacement parts on RockAuto for your 32V engine and there are some other good ones available, including some from Ford, albeit...
  5. Kruse

    Parts with core charge on them

    15 or so years ago, I was in Autozone pricing some new front axles for a Suzuki Swift. Autozone only had NEW axles that they would sell, but they put a sizeable core charge on the sale of the new ones because they wanted the old ones. I know the counter jockeys were only following rules and...
  6. Kruse

    Any preference over Melling or Cloyes timing chain component kits for a Ford 5.4 32V Intech?

    I’ll get roasted for this recommendation, but you want to use genuine Ford on the chains. Cloyes is mostly Chinese, Melling is okay for the tensioners, but Ford only on the chains and guides. The areas of the chains that ride on the guides are smoother on genuine Ford and the guides last much...
  7. Kruse

    US and Allies to Release 60 Million Barrels of Oil

    It's a symbolic gesture to calm the markets, won't really do much in reality. As we all know, markets are driven by rumors and impulses.
  8. Kruse

    Propane Prebuy

    Two years ago, I contracted a year of propane for $1.13/gallon. Last year, I contracted a year of propane for $1.44/gallon. My supplier still owes me about 400 gallons from my contract and he'll probably be delivering it this week. In this area, the yearly low for propane is during mid to late...
  9. Kruse

    Help me identify these cars

    I saw your post and I immediately thought that the answers were too easy. Then I looked at the long, narrow license plate on the Riviera and realized your post didn't originate in the states. A few photos of your common cars would have baffled me also. :cool:
  10. Kruse

    InTech 5.4 32V engine- low oil light came on at high speed, think a bearing may have spun?

    Sorry for your loss. My kid is driving a Navigator with the 5.4, but his is a 2V. About six months ago, I was at a salvage yard that had a cheap 32V 5.4 that had been involved in an accident and they were selling the whole vehicle pretty cheap. I thought about it a day or two and when I went...
  11. Kruse

    Fed up with Facebook?

    While very quick to pull the lockdown trigger, BITOG does have real humans who monitor this site, FB does not. Case in point: I've mentioned this before on this site, but a local Ford dealer posted that they were giving away a steak dinner to a contest winner. The contest was to show a picture...
  12. Kruse

    Locals nabbed for converter thefts

    The comments "won't do any jail time" are so true. I'll make this story as short as I can: Several years ago, I had a late 50s Chevy panel van and an early 40s GMC pickup stolen from my property. First, neither vehicle was running, so both had to be trailered away. (That's somewhat important)...
  13. Kruse

    Powder with Donuts anyone?

    The frosting on my donut tastes like cosmoline. 😂
  14. Kruse

    All natural milk delivery from the carton to the bowl

    Nice.😎 I grew up on a dairy farm. When needing milk for the house, we’d just dip it out of a 1,000 gallon tank. 🐮
  15. Kruse

    Dorman's new Ford Power Transfer Unit

    Dorman products can be hit or miss…with lots of misses. Some of their replacement brake lines are a hit. Perhaps they did their homework on this one. Still, I’m letting someone else do the beta testing.
  16. Kruse

    Stop washing your jeans.

    Just do a search on the author and then decide just how serious you need to take her article. 🤔
  17. Kruse

    Garage door won't open- Wife said she heard a loud noise last night- this is what I found

    There's a seasoned carpenter near me who needed help installing a garage door about two months ago. He's getting up there in years and didn't feel too comfortable installing the two springs himself, so he had me help him. (Although...perhaps I'm not a spring chicken anymore, either :LOL:) This...
  18. Kruse

    The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Does It Again.

    While some of the present nominations and current HOF members are highly thought of by the people who buy their music, the whole R&R HOF business is a shame. Since Dionne Warwick seems to be worthy of a R&R HOF nomination, here's another one that should be considered. :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  19. Kruse

    Filed for bankruptcy and here is your new credit card.

    Perhaps California laws are different, but my cousin's hubby is a lawyer and he once told me that it's easy to get credit after a bankruptcy because you can't file for bankruptcy again for XX amount of years after you file for your first bankruptcy. Any truth to this? If so, the credit card...
  20. Kruse

    Accord timing belt

    This thread reminds me of a buddy who is driving a ‘97 Ford Ranger that has the 2.3 engine with the timing belt. He’s still on the factory belt with 275K miles on it and he has no intention of replacing it until he has to. Granted, it’s not an interference engine, but still…