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  1. gathermewool

    Yakima Roof Box Both Locks Stuck

    My three year-old, NEVER used before today, cargo box’s locks (one each side) refuse to open. I verified that the lock one lock on the side I opened to load the car from worked fine prior to loading it up and heading three hours away for vacation. The cargo box has been stored its entire unused...
  2. gathermewool

    SUDDEN DEATH (of battery)

    I’ve always had good luck with OEM batteries. They tend to last me a long time and give me some warning before dying. That is until today. We were THIRTY MINUTES AWAY FROM HOME after nearly 17 straight hours of driving home from FL when the car would not start. We stopped for tacos in New Haven...
  3. gathermewool

    Refinance - has anyone else had luck lately?

    Our current loan is through Navy Federal Credit Union. The original process four years ago went very well, no complaints. NFCU can be fickle, though. We tried early this year to refinance our VA loan and were summarily rejected without a reason, early in the process; just a letter in the mail...
  4. gathermewool

    15 Legacy - New Tire Search

    Based on responses to my other thread and after some thought, I'm going to replace all four tires. I've also rethought my priorities and listed them below. I'd appreciate any and all recommendations. Vehicle: 15 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Currently installed: Wheels: 18X8.5 Enkeis (off of an STI)...
  5. gathermewool

    Drive on flat - ruined? Replace?

    Conti DWS with ~4-5/32” life remaining. I left the work parking lot this morning, noticed a rubbing grinding noise, realized what it was, and immediately pulled into the adjacent Dunkin. It‘s hard to discern in the pictures, but the tire sidewall looks a mess and is kind of mushy. I found a...
  6. gathermewool

    NOCO Genius 5 Float Voltage.

    I‘ve had and used my NOCO for the past year and a half, along with a second charger, a CTEK (56-158) 3300. I prefer the CTEK although it gets pretty darned warm just sitting there plugged in, not connected to the battery and very warm while charging. My NOCO doesn’t maintain a high enough float...
  7. gathermewool

    Any Sprint Hold-outs?

    We brought our own devices to Sprint (from the devil Verizon) a couple of years ago and have been happy with our (no contract) service for the most part. Our coverage isn’t as good, but we’ve got unlimited data (vice 2GB with Verizon) for cheaper: $60/month for two lines vice ~$90 for VZW I’ve...
  8. gathermewool

    US, UK to Share Nuclear Sub Tech - New AUKUS Security Pact Being in the industry I’m very curious to see where this goes. We had to basically help the UK build their program back from scratch. They still rely on us for our expertise.
  9. gathermewool

    Bad Gas - First Time…or Was It?

    I’ve been one of the lucky ones who has never had a fuel-related failure in the four seasons I’ve had a house and been running OPE. I know, not that long, but still. I just wanted to say that I’m now on board with using only fresh, stabilized fuel. The below issue could have been worse. I...
  10. gathermewool

    Back Shift

    Anyone work the back shift? Since being promoted a few years ago I’ve been 100% 1st shift. Unfortunately, we’re hemorrhaging people and I volunteered to fill in on 3rd for the rest of the week. Normally I take a nap for a few hours the night before and the either stay up all morning playing...
  11. gathermewool

    New LG Fridge Dented

    Our old LG fridge circa 2009 suddenly stopped working after three years in our care. Based on online and CR reviews we decided to go with another LG LRDCS03S for $1700 OTD, including an extended 4-year warranty and 18 months of 0% interest financing. Anyway, the fridge was delivered today and...
  12. gathermewool

    Actual MPG Loss Roof Box

    We’re going to drive 1200 miles down to visit my family as soon as we’re all vaccinated, hopefully around Thanksgiving. We took the Legacy last time we drove down and averaged ~30 MPG, but want the extra storage provided by our Forester and Skybox 16 Carbonite (that is 3 years-old and has never...
  13. gathermewool

    Symptoms of bad breaker. Lost all loads

    My wife went to use the microwave today, but as soon as she pushed START the whole thing turned off. Breaker was ON (not tripped). She HAS accidentally run the toaster and microwave at the same time on several occasions and knows what a tripped breaker looks like. I confirmed when she told mell...
  14. gathermewool

    Lunar New Year

    Happy New Year, all! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Anyone else enjoying their new pair of underwear?
  15. gathermewool

    Battery keeps draining every few days ugh

    1. 14 Forester XT 2. 83k miles 3. No loads (lights, sockets, key fob far away, doors remain unlocked in garage, doors shut entire time) 4. Battery 10 mo. old Napa The Legend Premium Group 34 5. Battery tests well. After sitting overnight (not on charger) it will start the car very quickly...
  16. gathermewool

    Too Much Wax: Really an Issue?

    I've heard of too much old wax minimizing gains while adding new wax, sealants, etc. Does it affect protection, however? For me, protection is all I care about. Let's say I wax with carnauba wax every time I wash every six months or so. Will this cause buildup? Does it matter? Just curious.
  17. gathermewool

    14 FXT, Castrol 5W-30 D1G2, 5440M on oil

    82, 255 miles on vehicle Replaced with the same oil 2nd OFI (OIL FILTER CUT-AND-POST COMING SOON) Pretty boring. I'll stick with OEM-recommended 7,500 miles from now on.
  18. gathermewool

    What're your home thermostat settings?

    I found it curious that I was given such a hard time for my routine the last time a post like this came up. Well, I'm a glutton for punishment, so here goes! The main theme is temps, but feel free to share recent upgrades, suggestions, etc. Heat: all electric baseboard, non downstairs (ranch...
  19. gathermewool

    Holiday Spending

    For some of us times are a little tougher than years past. What are you giving up or spending less money on this year? My normally patient-as-a-saint wife is currently threatening to cancel all of Christmas because I objected to $40+ gifts for her mom and members of both of our families; as an...
  20. gathermewool

    USPS Leaves Packages @ Garage Door

    Day-to-day I have one of two USPS people deliver my normal mail (primary and backup). The main lady drivers 3/4 of the way through my C-shaped driveway and almost always walks the packages up to my porch ~ 20' away from my driveway. She never leaves packages on my lawn and rarely leaves them at...