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    Need review for Havoline Full Synthetic CVT Fluid

    Here they recommend HMMF for Honda Fit CVT with the start clutch...and these specs recommend HMMF for no start clutch ?
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    the Honda planetary system

    The clutch pack was the start clutch, often a problem on Honda CVT's.
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    Castrol TGMO

    We got a pump over today, just our normal Edge Professional OE-X 5W-30, but we got some empty drums for incinerators. This was one of them.
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    Does using a public bathroom bother you?

    I'd never use a public bathroom - that's creepy. Public toilets are no problem.
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    Honda CVT HCF 2 Fluid non oem fluids

    We use Fuchs H for Honda CVT's, it meets HMMF specs, and there are no horror stories about using it.
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    HDEOs not suitable for high RPM?

    A lot of people use HDEO in motorcycles - probably running twice the rpm as your car, and churned up by the gearbox too. A nay from me.
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    Music for those who grew up in 1980s Europe...

    Euro '80's music has got to be Falco. The studio that recorded Falco was/is owned by these girls father.
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    The new Jurassic Park movie

    This is my favourite version of Jurassic Park.
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    What do you put on your fries other than salt or ketchup?

    We don't put them on a pizza, but in New Zealand, a Chip butty is what you do.
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    AH 3000 for sale... Please offer your thoughts

    BMC were one of the first to change to SAE in the early '50's, but there will still be some BSW and BSF there from other suppliers.
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    AH 3000 for sale... Please offer your thoughts

    It was a BMC thing - the Morris Minor and Oxford used one for the top arm with their torsion bar suspension, and Austin used the shock as the top A frame in most of their cars in the '50's. What was called a steering knuckle before ball joints, and some used a stepped kingpin, a tricky one to...
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    New tool thread

    Wurth was in again the other day - they are there to reorder our bulk stocks, but always bring something to tempt. While she was selling the boss a new set of ear muffs, I spied these slip joints in her handbag. My old Proto pair are 45 years old, and look it, but still do the job. But these are...
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    What do you put on your fries other than salt or ketchup?

    From a hot chips cart it's home I might use some mint sauce.
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    Soul stirring sound

    I knew a guy who grew up over the fence from Silverstone in the '60's - he said the Honda Six was the best sound he's ever heard, nothing could compare. When the CBX came out I was at a race meeting where someone took one out in a race...and he had a ding dong battle with an Egli Vincent, with...
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    Question for the Sea Shell experts

    We call that a Toheroa - it used to be a big day when the season they are banned.
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    New tool thread

    I got another set of Knipex pliers today - the Wurth lady walked in with them. Back in the '70's I had a pair of end nippers, and found them useful. They disappeared over time and a some years ago I got some Heyco end nippers - totally useless, and have sat in my pliers draw doing nothing ever...
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    Diesel car or SUV dead?

    Diesel is cheaper than petrol here, but diesel has no tax at the pump, it's paid varying rates, large trucks pay more etc. They have reduced petrol tax at the pump, and are now reducing the diesel tax...short term of course. But no one would buy a petrol ute...I don't even think...
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    Mitsubishi best selling brand in NZ

    When we had CKD assembly plants here, every vehicle rusted out. Now the Triton comes from Thailand, and everything else from Japan - quality is superb, and there is no rust. There are a lot of Hondas on our roads, we have 3 in our family....but most are imported used from Japan. We import...
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    Mitsubishi best selling brand in NZ

    I find it strange the bad rep Mitsubishi gets on this site....they obviously don't sell well in the USA. But last month Mitsubishi had the highest vehicle sales in New Zealand. 4 of the top 15 sellers were Mitsubishi. Where are Honda ?