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    Deluge of spam calls

    Same here-if the number isn’t in my contact list, and doesn’t sound familiar, it doesn’t get answered. The calls have been picking up recently, and are being ignored. They’re spoofing local umbers again, too, likely from outside the US-thought the big carriers were going to stop that?
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    Which Mobil oil for my 7.3

    In TX, any Big Three HDEO will work just fine-Delo, Rotella, or Delvac 15W40. You NEED the 40 weight in summer-I’ve been to TX, it gets pretty warm down there…🤬
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    Why-o-why are we still stuck on 256GB SSD's

    I would kill for 256 GB built in, the tiny netbook PC my company bought only has 30 GB, can barely hold the operating system, worthless without internet.
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    New Ultra-Power 57161

    The price is right, that’s a big cartridge filter for a really low price.
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    Toyota Engine Fan Fluid

    Toyota’s answer to the MB S-class! That’s a time capsule, for sure. I would guess the fan fluid is a hydraulic fluid for the thermostatic fan clutch(?)
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck - Napa $9.99/5qt $2.99/1qt (Update: Local pricing)

    It'll be SN+. I looked around here, at my usual NAPA suspects (homes of the fleet filter sale, etc.), and this seems to be a Louisville KY only deal, lowest around here is $38.99/jug. Good thing I still have 10-12 left!
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    Kingsford charcoal time again!

    Looks like the holiday Kingsford charcoal sale is back, and Home Depot looks to be the leader this time-$17.99 for two 20 pound bags. Good thing, too, I was on my last one!
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    What it the true bypass pressure of the Mobil1 M113A filter made by Champion Labs?

    When they tacked on the “A” suffix, Mann & Hummel started making them. And quality dropped. I would spend a tiny bit more for the AC Delco UPF64R.
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    Westlake Tires?

    DTD had a good deal on Yokohama Avids at Memorial Day, by gosh!
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    Kelly Tires really?

    Kelly is a passable car tire, I tried a set on a loaded E-350 and it steered like they were almost flat! Got rid of those the first day!
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    2022 Mobil1 Annual Rebate 7/1/2022 to 9/30/22

    Here's the one I used- All gone here, but you can see how it is possible to make money AR, or basically get it for free, each 12 quart box is eligible for TWO rebates (your maximum per address), at $12.47 a box it would be -$3.53...
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    Hopefully I put the fear into the dweeb.

    Actually, having been a wrestler 40 years ago helped get me ready for life as a tradesman! I was a “light” heavyweight, only 215 lbs, wrestling guys that sometimes weighed 100+ pounds more-you learn leverage real quick in that situation. Might explain why my back is still OK at almost 58!
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    Any bets on how much larger it will get before it bursts?

    The “webbing” or reinforcement, inside the hose is failing, so oil is inflating the outer rubber jacket. It’ll make a mess if it bursts.
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    Chose Fram TG over XG today

    OG Ultras-best TGs are a better deal than new, more expensive, new Ultras. I haven’t bought an Ultra since the new style was released, and I was one of the OG Ultra’s biggest fans. Bought some Tough Guards, though.
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    How short our memory is

    Anybody remember what happened the last time oil shot to over $130/bbl.? Fracking took off, along with widespread OPEC cheating (& SA oversupply to hurt the frackers), & oil prices collapsed. Along with Goldman cashing out & taking their profits. Calling it now, it’ll happen again-although I...
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    2022 Mobil1 Annual Rebate 7/1/2022 to 9/30/22

    That’s why I said to watch Brickseek-there’s 3 of those boxes in my stash, 12 qts each of M1 HM 5W20. $22 each at WM, $2 each AR. Best score since AZ & SOPUS paid me to take RGT!
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    Fram Ultra XG10575 coyote 10k / 200 hours

    Guess it was OK, but it’s not a 20,000 mile filter any more. The original was, I did run one that far-it didn’t look like that one at all!
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    2022 Mobil1 Annual Rebate 7/1/2022 to 9/30/22

    Let the monitoring of Brickseek begin!!
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    Fram whatever or Honda oil filters?

    If I was going multiple intervals, I would go Tough Guard at minimum, maybe even consider Royal Purple if the budget allows it. The A02 doesn't really seem any better than the EG, and too many WIx problems to go that way. Even Pure One/Purolator One would be a contender for me.
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    Battery powered lawnmower

    The Makita is 36V, uses two 18V 5.0AH LXT batteries, it came with FOUR batteries and a charger for $399. Like I said before, I have a fairly small yard, and it was able to cut everything and use 2 out of 4 bars on one pair of batteries, the second set unused (will get rotated every use). Charger...