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    Honda CRV 1.5L Turbo Fuel Dilution?

    Forgive me if this has been posted previously. I searched BITOG but could not find anything. I'm seriously considering buying a 2018 Honda CRV but recently noticed a lot of internet chatter regarding fuel dilution issues in cold climates with that engine (primarily with the 2017 model year)...
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    What is your opinion on my tire wear?

    I rotated the tires on my Honda Pilot yesterday at 21,000 miles for the 3rd time since I bought the vehicle new 1 1/2 years ago. When I do this I always check the tread depth. The tires are Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS tires with 4 tread groves that allow me to get, you guessed it ... 4 depth...
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    Whats a good tire gauge?

    I've used the pencil style gauges for years, but am growing increasingly dissatisfied. Can't seem to find an accurate one. Right now the one I have reads 2-4 psi below what the tpms on the dashboard reads in both a Camry and in a Pilot. Never sure which is correct ... the dash reading or the...
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    Are there better back up lights than OEM?

    I have a 2016 Honda Pilot with back up camera, which is pretty poor at night in reverse. Was wondering if a different back up light might help. Have heard LED's are brighter but you can't necessarily see any better or further. Pilot has a 7440 bulb. Thanks.
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    Amp Numbers in Parnetheses ???

    Anyone know what the deal is with the parentheses - eg. (15a) vs 15a - in the owner's manual section that lists all the fuse information? I've seen it in most other manuals for my cars, but never gave it a thought before. I thought maybe it was "switched" vs "constant" powered fuses, but that...
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    Acoustic Glass

    My wife and I are shopping for a new SUV, and were surprised to learn that some car makers are now using acoustic glass to help make the cars ride quieter. We test drove a Honda Pilot and a Toyota Highlander, both of which had acoustic glass. Their rides were both very good and comparable...
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    Lube Lug Nut Bolt Threads?

    If you did, what lubricant would you use? <img src="/forums/graemlins/confused2.gif" alt="???" title="???" height="22" width="15" /> I am seriously considering it. I understand manufacturers generally do not recommend the practice. Yesterday I tried to rotate the tires on a '12 CRV yesterday...
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    GPS Speed vs. Speedometer

    I've noticed when using my TomTom that the speed I'm traveling at is not the same speed as my speedometer on the Camry (or my Sienna van for that matter too). The GPS is always higher. For example, when the car says I'm going 70 mph, the GPS reads 74-75. Lately I went past a radar gun in a...
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    How to remove toggle bolt drain plug???

    This is on my son's Escape. One of the quick change oil shops replaced the oem oil plug with dang this. It leaves about a 1 inch pool of oil on the garage floor every night no matter how tight I turn it. How in blazes do I get it out without dropping the pan? Looks just like the toggle plug...
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    Renters ... Where do you change oil???

    My son moved several states away this month. Way too far to come home and use dad's garage for an oil change. The apartment he rented does not allow auto maintenance onsite, so no oil changes. Since his car needed an oil change, we took it to an oil change shop and the bill was over $40. Ouch...
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    PP 5W30; 4,100 miles; Toyota Sienna

    Gosh, I thought high copper was suppose to go down once an engine finished breakin! Blackstone reported: "Sodium is slowing washing out now that oil brand was changed. Surprisingly, copper increased! Other metals ok. Not sure what's up with copper. May be a poorly wearing bushing. Fuel...
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    What is a good interior glass cleaner?

    I've used plain old Windex for years, but after a few days you can see the wipe marks/smears on the glass again as interior "fog" starts to build up on the glass. Lately I've wiped the glass with a rag soaked in water with a very light amount of dish soap, and then used Windex to clean the...
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    Filter "looks" dirty on clean side

    Changed the factory air filter at 15K on my Sienna tonight and was suprised to see how dirty the clean side of the old filter looked when I took it out. 1st time I've ever noticed something like that before. Hopefully the pics below will illustrate what I'm talking about. I don't know if it...
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    2007 Toyota Sienna, Toyota 5W30 oil - 4,750 miles

    2007 Toyota Sienna van 3.5L Lab: Blackstone Oil: Toyota 5w-30 Oil Filter: Toyota Oil Miles/Time: 4,750 miles/5 months ~80% highway miles Total Miles: 14,750 No make up oil added. Aluminum - 4 Chromium - 0 Iron - 13 Copper - 41 Lead - 1 Tin - 0 Molybdenum - 126 Nickel - 0 Silver - 0 Titanium -...
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    how do you know if an injector is leaking

    How do you go about actually determining if a fuel injector is leaking gas into the engine? Is this a dealer/mechanic sort of job? My last several uoa are showing increasing amounts of fuel dilution. The car is a Nissan Maxima with the V6 engine. Thanks.
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    What is torque steer?

    I keep reading about it in trade magazines when they review cars, but I don't know that I know what it is? What does it feel like when you're driving? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/dunno.gif" alt="" />
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    Why not to replace ATF with high mileage

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. But this is the first time I've actually read of a plausible explanation for why people experience problems when they change the ATF for the very first time in a car with very high mileage. <a href=""...
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    Floor jack...Hydraulic jack...Bottle Jack...???

    I'd like but a jack and some stands, but wow! What a dizzy array in the stores! 2 ton floor jacks for $19 or $190. Sears, Walmart, O'Reillys...they all seem to have such a wide spread. How do you decide what the difference is, let alone, good quality and safe? <img...
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    Will oil prices come down like gasoline?

    Seems like crude oil prices are down substantially in the the last 6 months. Local gasoline prices are almost where they were before hurricane Katrina hit a year and a half ago. Will motor oil prices follow a similar pattern and slowly come back down at retail?
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    2001 Altima, Havoline Synthetic 5W30 3,750 miles

    Here is the latest report on my 2001 Nissan Altima. My youngest son in high school uses this car. This oil was in use 6 months, since June 11. Sample taken Jan. 2, 2007. Virtually all city driving. 68,250 total miles on the car. Wix oil & air filters. Air filter was installed at 55K miles...