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    Free- 4 Motorcraft AWSF34C spark plugs, Fram PH2870A oil filter

    Brand new in the box. Over 8 years old. Free for pick up in Livonia, MI. Message me if you want.
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    Snow chains vs socks?

    I have zero experience with snow chains or socks. Without any experience I would guess that chains would be much better than socks. My daughter, who just moved to Seattle, is asking advice on what are the the best tire chains and if socks should be considered. She plans on driving her AWD Audi...
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    Tire safe?

    What do you guys think? Is this tire Ok to drive on?
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    Anything to look out for on 2011 Fusion

    My daughter needs a cheaper car. Going to look at a 2011 Ford Fusion with the 6 cyl. Are there any trouble spots on this car or is there anything I should look out for other than the standard used car check over?
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    Help! Daughter poured oil in coolant tank

    My daughter just called and informed me that she added a quart of oil to the coolant tank by mistake about a week ago on my old Dodge Caravan. She was adding another quart today when she noticed her mistake. How bad is it that she's driven a week with oil in the coolant? Can I just drain the...
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    Charge new Interstate battery?

    I just bought a new Interstate Group 34 battery from Costco to replace the failiing 2.5 year old Autocraft Silver from AA. After installation I put my battery charger on it. It's a newer Schumacher charger that displays voltage and percent charge. It started out at 70% charge. After about 15...
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    Rookie 2 stroke scooter questions

    I'm new to scooters and 2 stroke engines. The 2010 scooter I bought only had 56 miles on it. It seems to run well and the PO said he drained the gas out every winter, but I'd like to put some fuel system cleaner in the gas to potentially clean up any varnish. Is it ok to use fuel system cleaner...
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    Kymco scooter transmission gear oil?

    The manual says Recommended Gear Oil: SAE90. Can I use some left over Red Line 75W90 Gear Oil? It is rated GL-5+. Are there brass parts in a CVT scooter transmission?
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    Oil spec JASO-2TFC equivalent

    I'm picking up a used sccoter. 2010 Kymco. Manual calls for JASO-2TFC for the oil injection system. I can't find that spec oil. What would be an equivalent or exceed this spec? TCW-3?
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    Are Kymco scooters decent

    I'm combing craigslist for a scooter for my daughter to ride around college campus. Are Kymco sccoters reliable? They appear to be a cut above the cheap Chinese alternatives like Tao Tao. Are the cheap Chinese options worth looking at? So far I've been concentrating on Yamaha Zuma and Vino...
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    New AAA Top Tier study. It's worth it.

    My apologies if this has already been posted here. Didn't look like it. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> The actual report: <a...
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    Known issues w/2014 Focus Manual

    I'm considering purchasing a used 2014 Focus for my daughter. I've heard about all the auto trans issues, so, I'm looking at a manual 5 speed. Are there any other known issues with the Focus. You guys alway seem to have some insight into vehicle issues that I can't seem to find anywhere else on...
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    2013 Focus vs. 2012 Fusion

    By Beetle is dying fast. Time for a replacement. Considering a 2013 Ford Focus or a 2012 Fusion. I want a Ford for various reasons. Are there any known issues with either car? I've heard of trans. problems with the Focus. Dealer says the issue has been identified and corrected. 2.5l 4cyl in the...
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    1st time storing a car for winter. Start up ?

    I've never stored a car for winter before. Parked the 2001 Miata in the garage the first week of Dec. I filled the gas tank and treated it with Stabil before parking. Covered the exhaust with tin foil. I haven't started it since. Trickle charged the battery every 3 weeks. My question is: should...
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    Advice on slowing down oil consumption:

    My 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with 3.8l engine has burned oil from the day I bought it used with about 30,000 miles on the odometer.It burned about a quart every couple of months or about 2000 miles. I've used various name brand conventional 5w-20's(spec'd); Castrol, QSGB, QS Defy, and MC Blend...
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    Thinking of picking up a 99 - 2004 Miata

    I'm traveling to Texas in a couple of weeks and am thinking about buying a 1999 - 2004 Mazda Miata and driving it back to Michigan. I've heard they hold up well even with mileage over 150k as long as timing chain/waterpump are replaced every 60k or so. Any Miata owners with suggestions regarding...