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    2015 Nissan Juke SL (AWD), Mobil 1 EP 0w-20, 4,184 miles

    04/19/2021 45,605 miles to 09/14/2021 49,789 = 148 days, 4,184 miles Mobil 1 EP 0w-20 + Nissan OEM Oil filter + 3" Super Magnet attached to outside of oil filter Driving habits have changed to 80% HWY, 20% CITY since work at home ceased back in April 2021. I continue to "ADD" MMO to every fuel...
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    2015 Nissan Juke SL (AWD), Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Plus 0w-20, 3429 miles, 408 days

    03/14/2020 42,176 miles to 04/19/2021 45,605 = 408 days, 3,429 miles Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Plus 0w-20 + Fram Ultra (XG6607) oil filter + 3" Super Magnet attached to outside of oil filter This interval went longer than expected due to Covid and quarantining. I did not add any MMO to fuel tank...
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    2015 Nissan Juke SL (AWD), Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Plus 5w-30, 2,867 miles

    2015 NISSAN JUKE SL (AWD) 1.6L DIG-T (Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo) After my first UOA, I debated whether to stay with Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Plus and go out of weight for winter at 5w-30 (because it was on sale) or stay in weight 0w-20 and try Pennzoil Platinum. I opted to try the PUPP...
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    Hyundai Elantra Factory Fill good for 80K. -SavageGeese

    Well the factory oil fill in a Hyundai Elantra will last 80,000 miles before the engine seizes up. Just in case you were trying to get the most out of your oil like these people. #cars #oil #lazy #hyundai #elantra @hyundaiusa #idiots #changeyouroil <a...
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    2015 Nissan Juke SL (AWD), Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Plus 0w-20, 4460 miles

    2015 NISSAN JUKE SL (AWD) 1.6L DIG-T (Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo) I'm the second owner of this Juke. Previous owner was a female in/from Billings, Montana who loved Shania Twain (she left the Greatest Hits CD in the CD player) and she bought it on 10/08/15. It was a 3 year lease, she...
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    Recommended oil weight vs tier in brand

    I know bottom line is that the engine won't blow up either way but I just wanted to know what BITOG thinks about this. I run Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-20 as the 2015 Juke calls for -20 (previous years recommended -30). Oil Change for winter will be here in a couple months and it looks like PUP...
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    Unboxing Fram Ultra XGA6900

    Why does the actual product not look like the box on the cover? I thought maybe I got a knockoff on eBay....
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    Laundry Additives?

    As I'm doing the laundry (wife made me), and I'm adding Tide pods to the washer and then I reach over for the fabric softener, I chuckle and think to myself "maybe I shouldn't be adding this additive? How am I to know that Tide hasn't engineered their detergent to be as soft as possible or maybe...
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    So is the answer always OEM or Fram?

    I hear Wix and Purolater here and there but seems like the collective is OEM or Fram? I'm looking for longetivity and reliability in my Juke.
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    2008 Jeep Patriot - leaking water from dome lights

    Been having an insane winter in Wisconsin this year. After the snow melts, it seems to be leaking into my front dome light and even the middle dome light on the roof. I've owned this vehicle for 3 years, the previous owner told me it happened to her once as that's why half the stereo button were...
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    Japanese vs American cars

    I'm an asian male, 33 years old and growing up, ALL my family members always had Honda's or Toyota's. Famous youtube mechanics like Scotty Kilmer loves Toyotas and Eric The Car Guy loves his Honda's. Yes, I've seen Eric's video of Domestic vs Imports, and I do agree that for the most part...
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    02 Jeep Liberty, 239K Miles, leaks little oil

    Brother got a Jeep Liberty with the 3.7L V6 Engine, no idea what it had in it before but it leaks a little bit of oil. Going to do an OC and thinking of throwing in MaxLife 10w-30 or maybe 10w-40 with a Fram Ultra and see if it stops the leak or slows it down. I'm sure he will get it looked at...
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    Gunnar Optiks / Noscopes gaming glasses, opinions?

    Anyone here tried them or own them? Is it snake oil? Do they work to keep headaches and eye strain away?
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    First thing you do when you buy a used car?

    I'm getting a 2004 Acura TL from my sister. She says everything runs fine and nothing is wrong with it. No idea how many miles are on it but she's owned it for the last 6 years and no idea who owned it before that. I just want to be able to have peace of mind when I get it and was wondering if...
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    2015 Nissan Murano AWD lock feature gone

    Looking at the new 2015 and noticed all tiers don't have the lock feature. Any ideas why this is? I asked the dealership and they didn't know either. Makes no sense that the Rogue would keep this feature and even my Juke but to not even offer it on the Murano is disappointing.
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    Scotty Kilmer with Shanna Simmons from Pennzoil

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Well, I know the play on words about 'surpassed' in the advertising with PUP and PP, but Shanna seems to clarify in...
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    Pennzoil responds to my ? about oil specs in Turbo

    Mark D. Ferner Global Manager; Engine & Vehicle Technology Shell Global Solutions (Deutschland) GmbH Was kind enough to answer some questions for me on <a href="" target="_blank">this thread:</a> Since he moved onto...
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    A reply from Pennzoil about new PUP

    So I finally found someone at Pennzoil who helped and replied to my questions. I first emailed Mark Ferner after seeing him in some Pennzoil Ultra commercials and he replied he moved onto Shell R&D and now heads up a group largely based in Europe that does much of the internal engine...
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    Lifetime Engine Warranty

    Do people who have these warranties still lose sleep over which brand/type of oil to use? Or do people just any type that meets specs and covers the warranty?
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    I remember reading a shortened version of his post but here is the full blog entry and it seems updated compared to what I read last year. It's a fun read. <a href=""...