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    best ratcheting combo wrenches

    I’ve had my blue point ratcheting combos for like 11 years of nonstop abuse and the common sizes are starting to skip. i can still buy a new set as a williams but i’m looking to upgrade. the snap-on my coworker had was from another planet compared to it. so much sleeker slimmer and nicer in the...
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    Super Knock in bigger engines While most know here about super knock in small engines, I was told by a source that the development of the Ford Cyclone (3.5L) EcoBoost was plagued by LSPI. That...
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    what 20k oci looks like

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    The Pony Story

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    QR: up to 50 737-10 and 777XF on order moving at a rapid pace to scam their next victim. this is the ultimate comedy
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    End of the road for A321ceo

    everybody’s favorite dinosaur has finally left production
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    press fit cam lobes

    used on PSA diesel engines. piston to valve contact supposedly breaks the interference fit of and the engine stalls, mitigating damage. cool stuff. skip to 13 minutes
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    1/2 Hi-Torque Cordless Comparison

    at some point you guys need to just drag the air line over. these things are getting more and more ridiculous
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    shocking engine damage

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    Mercedes M137 V12 teardown

    very simple design with half baked flame propagation. built to be much cheaper than the engine that came before it
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    Ford CTX (1987)

    perfect for stop and go traffic
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    Ford Fleet vs GM Astra (1991)

    The early 90s were very desperate and sad times for ford europe
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    1999 Grand Marquis Sales Training

    you guys will love this one
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    NTSB chief - FSD misleading and irresponsible they need to their hammer down on this before the shills cremate themselves and take other innocent people with them
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    $1.10 oil filter

    an empoverished youtuber has gone through some very hard times and was forced to use a $1.10 oil filter on his aston martin v8. i have just placed an order for the “OEM” OF1033 oil filter and will be comparing it to the much more expensive Motorcraft FL-2021.
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    FSD Beta v10

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    1975 Chevette/Kadett Review

    a dark place in history
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    never late in a V8

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    “Black Dog” Oil Filter

    Equivalent to Mann W930/13. Don’t know where I found this filter, if anyone could determine the original manufacturer please let me know 19,600mi of service
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    Piston McNuggets