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    Walmart: Mobil 1 rollback $24.47

    Went to local Walmart and Mobil 1 is on rollback. Shelves were packed with Mobil 1 including 0W40 among others. Happy hunting! Rollback
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    NAPA sale; Mobil Delvac 1 5W40

    Delvac 1 5W40 is on sale @ NAPA. However; only one in stock online. So no free shipping. Called local NAPA. Rep explained to me that Delvac 1 is only for semis. Lol! Why would NAPA put something on sale with very very low inventory? Almost bait and switch...IDK CONUS has major issues,,,
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    Help deciphering Fram FPS9688 date code please?

    Purchased new old stock (FPS9688) from ebay. How to decipher date code? I googled to no avail. No date code on filter. Only box!
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    NOS filter without box Ebay, have concerns?

    I found a seller on ebay listing NOS AF without box. Save $10.00 on a Wix filter. But, I have concerns? Age, storage, contamination to the clean side? I'm thinking it's not worth the risk. What are your concerns? Opinions? Thank you!
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    Delvac Extreme synthetic experience? Anyone completed OCI? Ty

    I've seen the VOA of Delvac Extreme Synthetic CK oil and another thread about this oil in the wild. But, wanted to see if anyone had completed an oil interval and what are their thoughts/experience?
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    How long do you drain your motor oil?

    How long do you drain your motor oil? For the OCD's?
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    Where can I get my original OEM (Japan) MAS refurbished?

    My original Mass Air Sensor needed to be replaced on 1994 Mitsubishi Montero. It was around $650 from Japan. Is there a company/person recommended to refurbish? Obsolete part in north america and not interested in aftermarket (bad experiences for this model). Thanks!
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    Help me decide Synthetic HM Penn vs Valvoline?

    Hello fellow BITOG, Have a 1994 Montero 3.5 DOHC, 126,000 miles. It drips a bit from the rear main seal, I'm the original owner. Montero is garage kept. Trying to decide between Valvoline HM Full synthetic vs Pennzoil full synthetic HM. She is on the severe maintenance program. Live in the...
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    Why doesn't N America use Fleece filters? Advant

    What is the hype with fleece filters made in Germany? I read an article indicating the nano fleece is down to 5 microns. MB go 20 to 30 KM between oil changes. Why doesn't API ILSAC adopt these changes. I understand they regulate oil, but. Maybe I'm looking at in a simplistic form. Granted...
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    Anyone order from Amayama OEM parts overseas relia

    Greetings, I recently found a new website for Japanese OEM parts. Parts are at a great price. But, my parts would ship from UAE. I'm apprehensive ordering OEM parts out of the country. Any opinions? <a href="" target="_blank">Amayama.</a>
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    Amsoil ATF Gen 2 Montero

    Hello everyone, I would like to get opinions from the oil gods. I have a gen 2 1994 Montero SR DOHC truck. OEM calls for SP mitsu oil. I've always used it, but switched to Amsoil (Signature Series Multi Vehicle Synthetic) recently, upon recommendations from several people, including my...
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    Shelf life ATF

    Hello, I have some unopened quarts of Mitsu Diaqueen Diamond SP3 fluid in the garage, from 2009. What is the shelf life? I know Pennzoil stated 5 years....I live in the desert, so no humidity. Garage gets a bit warm in summer, no freezing in garage.... Thanks in advance! Cheers, krieg
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    How many years Amsoil EA Filter?

    Hello, I have a Gen 2 Mitsu Montero and only drive it a couple thousand miles a year. I've had an Amsoil EA filter on for three years with 5,000 miles. What is the longest I can use it? Time gets me before mileage. This is the longest I've had it on. I appreciate your thoughts........