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    Heat Shield Loose

    On the 05 Matrix towards the rear axle. Kind of by the plastic gas tank. Half of it is hanging down but the exhaust pipe is holding it in place for now. Looks like it's pretty rusted so will need to replace or remove. About 5 years ago and prob 70k miles ago the dealer did a tsb where they...
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    1993 Porsche 968

    Saw this at the local euro shop. It's not listed in their inventory. Then I noticed the "hold" tag on the wiper blade. The tag seems to have been on there awhile since it's faded. Not sure of the miles but looks to be in mint condition(including the top and interior). It's a manual with...
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    Exhaust Leaks

    Had the 05 Toyota Matrix with 155k miles in for some exhaust work. There was a rust hole in the bend of the exhaust pipe by the rear axle. That was fixed. Prior to this about 2.5 years ago the donut gasket in front of the C.C. was replaced. A common issue on these cars. That had a one year...
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    ATF Exchange

    I'm looking to do a line off fluid exchange on the 05 Toyota Matrix and wondering which line to disconnect. There's two of them that feed into the radiator. Is it the left or right line that feeds into the radiator? I'm hoping to disconnect the rubber hose with my hands instead of a special...
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    Annual Detail

    Finally got around to doing this spread out over a few days since it was so hot out. Plus could use another car while it sat in the garage. Rain-X Pre-wash gel for bug and tar removal. Did a good job, from WM for $4.27. Car wash with Dollar Tree wash. Not too bad for a buck and did a good...
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    Idle Air Control Valve

    Not sure if the car has one or not being an 05 Toyota Matrix. The mechanic took off the throttle body for cleaning and he said it didn't have one. But just one to be sure since it has a high idle on start up. Right around 1800 or so and slow to come down off of that. Car has drive-by-wire...
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    Snow Tire Deals

    Any good ones out there right now for 205/55R16? I looked and can't seem to find any but I know some of you can spot deals a mile away so thought I would ask. If I buy some 15" wheels I could go for some 195/65R15 tires or a size close to that. Tires are for 05 Matrix. Thank you in advance...
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    Best Hubcap Option

    Lost one on the Matrix and a new one is $35 shipped. Seems a bit much for a piece of plastic. Walmart has some universal ones for $23, which is for all four of them. Plus they don't look that much worse than the factory ones. I'd even be ok with a wheel cover from a Pontiac Vibe since they...
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    Noise After Oil Change

    Not my car but my friend's <span style="font-weight: bold">2012 Dodge Avenger with 80k miles</span>. He took it to Take 5 Oil Change and now there's a noise when ever he accelerates in it. He had a coupon for 50% off and bought their best oil change service with a full synthetic oil. I...
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    Man Steals Classic Cars from Home

    The homeowner was shot and killed. Then this guy starts towing cars from the property. How low of some people. At least he was caught. <a href="" target="_blank">Article</a> 1971 Porsche 914 1978 Vw...
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    Bourbon Cream

    Any fans out there? Tried it a few years ago at a relative's house during the holidays. Kind of like Bailey's but much better imo. Found a place that carries it and has about 5 bottles in stock for $22 each. <a href=""...
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    Happy Birthday Car51!

    It seems like you just had one. Have a great day buddy! Drink a beer or two, have a steak and some cake! <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    3M Foaming Salt Remover

    Should help get rid of those pesky salt stains on carpeted mats. Only $5.55 at Napa. I remember a thread where someone was asking the best way to get rid of the stains. Regular carpet cleaner doesn't seem to do that much to help. I haven't used it yet but will pick some up. <a...
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    Low Tire Pressures

    Filled up some newer Nokians to <span style="font-weight: bold">34</span> psi a few weeks ago. Someone commented one of the front tires looked low. Checked the tire pressure and it read <span style="font-weight: bold">28.5</span> psi. Checked all tires and they all read 28.5 on the digital...
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    Tree Stump Removal

    Need to get rid of 2 small stumps. What is the best way to do it? From a little googling, it seems professionals charge $60 each for small ones. Or I can rent a small grinder at Home Depot for $60 with a $150 deposit. I see the $10 chemical stump removers as well. Any other ideas? Thanks!
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    Brewery Switching Over To Milk

    My favorite brewery is going to be used for milk production: <a href="" title="httpwwwclevelandcomentertainmentindexssf201704marketgardenbrewerytoshifthtmlincartriverhome"...
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    2005 Toyota Matrix 10,600 Maxlife FS

    Current oci will be 4k-5k miles. I changed the air filter to a Fram Extra Guard, the last one was an oem that had been in there too long. Current miles are 117k. <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">New Analysis:</span></span> <img...
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    Ford Transmissoin Lawsuit

    Just saw this and surprised it took this long for someone to file suit. More about it here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Blender Banana Oatmeal Muffins

    I've been hooked on these for a few months and they don't get old. Quick and convenient to grab one or two of these in the morning. My favorite ones are with a half cup of mini chocolate chips. Since this gives them extra sugar I only add a tablespoon of honey. I put a little vegetable oil...
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    Gumout Dosage Amount

    Picked up a free bottle because of the O'Reilly $10 E-gift card. It says it treats 18-35 gallons of fuel. I believe the size of the fuel tank on the Matrix is 13 gallons. Should I pour half the bottle in or the entire thing? Below is a link to what I have. Thank you in advance. <a...