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    Same spot. 45 years difference.

    My dad took the first pic of me up on this hill above our house in 1977. Went there today and my wife took one. Same spot. Look at the changes in the houses below.
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    Hopefully I put the fear into the dweeb.

    My cousin has herself a boyfriend. The kid is as arrogant as they come as well as being a hot head. He asked for my help with his brakes on his suburban. Since he is family now my wife talked me into helping the kid. When we were done I had him hand torque the lug nuts to the 140 ft lb spec...
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    Another bad joke.

    Ever seen birds flying in a "V" formation and wondered why one side is longer than the other?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It's because there are more birds on that side.
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    Snake love?

    Coming home tonight I noticed this spot in the sand. Looks like a snake or 2 spent some time here doing something? The marks were all the way across the road as well as off in the bushes. Can only imagine what went on here.
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    Pretty interesting ac line repair here.

    Got a call and a pic from another shop. Guess there is another guy around that claims to repair lines. He did this. And it still leaks! Tonight I'm going to cut that disaster off,weld on my fittings and crimp a quality ac hose in there.
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    Couple of friends stopped by today.

    This lizard has been hanging around my back door a couple of weeks or so. Then this king snake cruised by.
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    What's this repair worth?

    Got a call from a shop owner we used to deal with a lot. He had a handicapped Toyota van on the lift. Someone else jacked it up and smashed the ac lines that lead to the rear of the van. Being a custom built van with a wheel chair lift the ac lines are custom made by the company that modified...
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    And another bad Wix filter!

    This one is for a 5.0 coyote in a 2018 f150. Obviously made by Purolator. Threads are wrong. Goes on 1/4 turn and won't thread any more. Next to the wix with round holes I took off. I took another pic that shows the side and the same # but it didn't come out for some reason
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    Another failed wix filter! 2 nd this week!

    Pulled this off a piece of equipment. Unknown hours on it. There is a rubber seal that's out of place! Looks like it seals the cartridge to the baseplate. Not sure what's going on with wix lately.
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    Defective Napa gold oil filter.

    For a 15L caterpillar diesel. No threads! Glad I caught it before spending the day trying to get it started loo
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    Well this was unexpected.

    Got a nearly brand new dump truck where I work. Driver was heading out to do a job and smelled coolant so he brought it back to the yard. I found a split tube in the radiator so I had to tear it down to get the radiator out. Truck has 23000 miles! Technically still under factory warranty but...
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    We are getting a brand new gas station.

    My little rural area is getting it's first gas station/ mini Mart. Currantly the closest gas station is about 12-15 minutes away 1 way. This one is only 2 miles from my house. It's going to be a Shell station. I bet that gas will be $7 a gallon there. We will have to wait and see. It's...
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    Why do they keep coming up with new oil filters?

    Place I work for bought 4 brand new John Deere pieces of equipment. They are coming up on their first service. I call the J.D. dealer. No oil filters available yet! Ok I get the J. D. Number and start calling around. Wix,fram,Baldwin, fleet guard etc.... Nobody makes it yet. Out of the...
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    Junk fuel filter.

    Bought a box of carbureted vw style fuel filters off fleabay to use as a pre filter on our RV trailer. When they got here I saw what looked like a gap between the paper filter and the housing where dirt could pass through. So I cut one open. Sure enough the paper is not sealed to the plastic...
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    These batteries are about done.

    Put these in my truck around 12-17. I don't usually buy flooded batteries but I was short on cash so I got these for shop cost+ tax. One is starting to show weak on my load tester and about 600 cca on my other tester. Rated @750 cca. Still start it just fine but I know their days are numbered...
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    How long do you wait to get gas?

    Wife wanted to go to Costco. I'm not going into that mess so I'm watching cars line up for gas. For some reason our Costco gas is not any cheaper than other stations around town. The line is 8 wide at the pumps and then goes down to 2 lines, down the street, around a corner etc! So if each car...
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    Overfilling a differential.

    I want to change the oil in our side by side. I can't access the drain plug and I can't get a tube in the filler hole to suck out the old oil. I'm thinking of filling the housing all the way up then driving it a few minutes to mix it all up then pulling the fill plug and letting it drain till...
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    The strange and unusual

    I have heard about this thing way out in the desert for many years. Nobody knows why it's there or what it's purpose was. Or how they got it up there. Got a chance to go check it out yesterday. I was one of the few that actually hiked up to it. That's me waving a bottle of water next to it. I...
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    The desert is starting to bloom.

    About once a month or so I walk my property. Looking for anything out of the ordinary,trash etc. Did my walk to day and only found desert plants blooming. The last pic is looking at my house from the SE corner of my lot.
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    Went against my better judgement today.

    Wife has some friends over for Easter. I got tasked with smoking a trip tip. Since that takes a while I grabbed keys and started checking oil levels. 2 years ago I put a water pump on this girls liberty. She was driving and the water pump locked up, sheared the shaft, pulley came off. She...