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    2005 Dodge Neon sxt random no start

    I left work my neon started right up stopped for gas no issues. I ran into the grocery store and came back out and nothing. It has power but it doesn't even try to turn over. This is really weird. Anyone have a similar issue? Starter, relay ignition tumbler? All help appreciated. This thing...
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    Your favor local pizza and why?

    I've ordered from several local pizza places over the last few months. Whats yours and why? I've found several that have unique cheese and toppings.
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    Plastic bathtub crack fox?

    Hi all, I was asked recently by maintenance people that I work for. We have plastic bathtubs that are cracking, and was curious if anyone here has successfully repaired one. I see a few kits from devcon and see reviews of everything from "Terrible " to "works great still holding."
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    Maggie Peterson aka Charlene Darlin dead at 81

    I didn't see any postings, but with several of the bluegrass postings of the Andy Griffith show another legend has died. Maggie Peterson was 81, the youg lady infatuated with Andy Griffith. Alot of actors and actresses from the classic age are gone.
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    Tesla in summon mode crashes into biz jet keeps going

    Looks like airports are now going to have to erect "No autopilot or Teslas on the tarmac" signs. Id be irate if some dummy decided to use summon mode and damaged anything of mine let alone a multi million dollar private jet. Tesla using summon mode crashes
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    Your Favorite Bacon

    Hello All, As of the last couple of years I've been purchasing Meyer Heritage Duroc bacon,or simple Truth ever so often. It has no nitrates, nitrates, or phosphates. Super nitrates and nitrites cause cancer. The Duroc pork flavor and meatiness (if that's a word), is amazing. What has everyone...
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    The boss got fired, then my coworker quit.

    Hi All, So last Friday my boss got himself canned, and yesterday my only co-worker walked out. I'm now stuck on-call indefinitely as they are "trying to figure something out." Does anyone here have a good way to negotiate or put pressure to get this fixed? I'm currently working with a job...
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    Tesla Chip Shortage Fix Was To Pull Steering Components Without Telling Buyers

    This makes me wonder who is actually overseeing production in China, and if this actually happening to USA made Teslas. Tesla pulling components during production.
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    Restaurant chains you wish would come back

    Hi all, A while back I came across an article about a couple of restaurant chains that I hadn't been to in years. Baja Fresh, which used to have the best homemade salsas, and their steak was grilled to order for their burritos. Boston Market used to have a dozen or more Colorado locations on...
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    BBQ on a Weber Kettle Grill,

    Hello All BITOGERS I've have a Weber Kettle Grill that my parents purchased in 1987 or so. My new Weber Kettle isn't as heavy but I digress. Have anyone here made a fantastic Brisket using a kettle type Grill? Call me a masochistic, but a Traeger is too easy, ALA "Set it and forget it ". as...
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    Reputable laptop battery vendors?

    Hi all, I ordered a replacement battery for my Lenovo from laptopbatterydirect. The looked like a legit company but now have reservations as my package was last tracked to Whittier California on October 26th. I ordered a replacement battery 6-7 years ago and it was easy. Not sure who is good...
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    2005 Dodge Neon spit plug out of cylinder head took threads with it.

    So my 2005 Neon about a year ago spit out the left or very right spark plug if you're facing the engine. I was on my way to work when It happened. I was able to pull over in a parking lot. I re-threaded it back in, with no problem. It happened again a couple months ago, same result. Three...
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    New B-21 Raider

    Over the last few months following various websites it suprises me how much about the new B-21 is being talked about. Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall talked about how five of them are in final assembly. The B2 was first flown in 1989 and was so secret that maybe a dozen people in total...
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    Suggestions for Parts Sales Representative

    Hi all, I applied for an Aviation Parts Sales representative position 40 minutes away. I have interviewed with this company a year ago for a different job. However they sent me an assessment test. Is there any sure fire way to do well on these? Any suggestions. All help appreciated.
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    How to Re-title an abandoned vehicle ? Suggestions

    Hi all, I've been reading about applying for a title on abandoned vehicles in Colorado. I'm currently working for an apartment complex and a nice not wrecked Early 2000s Mercedes ML 450 has been sitting for 3 months. Has anyone on Bitog successfully done this? According to local rules "abandoned...
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    What would defunct automotive companies look like today?

    I was thinking about this a while back and talking with older people about defunct automotive manufacturers. Has anyone ever wondered what a 2021 Duesenberg, Cord, Auburn, Nash, Tucker etc would be like? It's disappointing that so many manufacturers have either merged or gone away. If we still...
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    R.I.P. Markie Post

    This was just posted an hour ago or so. Night Court was one of my favorite shows growing up. I used to watch it with my grandparents when i would go visit in the summers. I had no Idea she had such a varied acting career.
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    How to pick out Golf shoes

    Hi All, I've sort of been getting into learning to golf. I interned for Colorado Avid Golfer a few years ago which peaked my interest. I've gone out to the range with a friend of mine who is really good at golf. Now I've been trying to figure out what to look for in golf shoes. I really like...
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    Push mower starts then dies

    My roughly 10-year-old Yard Machines push mower has ran flawlessly until this week. Out of nowhere it started up really rough, and sputtering. I changed the fuel lines, and fuel filter. Now it will start up then immediately quit. I've looked around at possible fixes. I did notice that where...
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    Coolant Dye leak kit

    My 97 Chevrolet Cavalier has a small coolant leak somewhere. There's no coolant on the ground, nor any signs of dried coolant anywhere. I was thinking of getting one of the uv coolant dye kits to find the leak but haven't used one before. Any suggestions on brand or kits? Not sure if it's the...