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    most solutions

    What does this mean?
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    Where to bring BMW for transmission service?

    Looking for somewhere to bring a 2011 BMW 328I X-Drive for a transmission fluid change and filter change. I was going to do it myself, but I'd prefer not to be under the car on 4 jack stands. I'm not putting a lift in. I would like to gain some more experience working on cars, before I try...
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    5HP -19 Fluid?

    Considering buying a BMW that is equipped with the 5HP trans. It calls for LIifeguard 5. What should I use? Redline D4, Redline D6, Maxlife?? Thanks, all
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    "Best" Oil on FCP Euro for BMW (ll-01)

    I'm considering taking taking advantage of FCP Euro's Lifetime guarantee, where you ship back the used product for a refund. I'm planning on buying a 2011 BMW 328i (possibly x-drive) within a few weeks. I also do my parents' BMW maintenance. I'm wondering what the best choice would be, IF I...
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    2 Person brake fluid flush method

    Has anyone done the method where someone presses the brake pedal and the other person opens the bleeder valve, then the person closes the valve and the person releases the brake pedal? I’m not too cheap to buy a power bleeder, but it’s more stuff to break and clean. I’ve never done brake fluid...
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    Gear Oil Dilemma: Valvoline or Redline

    I was planning on ordering the Red Line 75w-90 GL-5 gear oil for my 2011 328xi BMW. But the Valvoline 75w-90 full synthetic seems to be really good on paper. It seems like everyone uses Red Line in their BMW differentials, so I’ll probably use it
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    Red Line Power Steering Fluid

    Why does Red Line claim that this is a suitable replacement for Pentosin CHF11S? Thoughts? What do we know about CHF11S? I don't have any problem using the CHF11s in my car, but I would like to learn more about it.
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    Oil for N55

    I'm planning on helping a friend do an oil change on his 2015 435i gran coupe. Based off of everything that I've read on here, LL-01 isn't the most important for older N series engines, besides N20. As I'm good with anything that had the LL-01 approval before BMW update its requirements for...
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    Coefficient of Friction Values

    is there any way we can determine the required coefficient of friction required in a transmission? Is there a way to see what kind of coefficient of friction an ATF provides? Do we have any info on the coefficient of friction values? What makes different transmissions require different...
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    BMW Brake Flush

    Any good info on the best way to do a brake flush, specifically on a BMW? There's not a ton of info on this website about brake flushes. What is the best method of flushing the old fluid out? Power bleeder? 2 person method with pumping brakes? Do I need to use a scan tool / INPA for...
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    BMW Transfer Case Fluid Change

    I'm planning on changing the transfer case fluid in my 2011 BMW 328xi. I'll most likely use the BMW DTF-1 and new drain/fill plugs, even though Redline says their MT-LV is compatible. My question is, how to go about the fluid adaptation reset. Do I need to reset it? Or should the system...
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    is 128k miles too late?

    Hello, everyone, I am planning some spring maintenance on a 2011 BMW 328i X-Drive. It currently has 128 thousand miles. I want to change the transmission fluid and filter, along with changing the transfer case fluid. The plan was the drop the pan, replace the filter, gasket, clean the...
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    Tesla Now Comes With Gas Engine

    I thought some of you might find it funny. It was definitely a lot of work for them to pull it of, though.
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    How to Service Toro Personnel Pace Transmission?

    Has anyone done this? I always grease the wheels regularly with the ZERK fitting on my rear wheels. About once or twice a year, I take wheels off and make sure there is not grass in them. Does anyone know how to grease the transmission (the metal box)? I'm having trouble finding any...
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    I love Reddit

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    I saw this on YouTube this morning.

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    First Oil Change on My 2013 BMW X3

    I just thought I would share that yesterday I did my first oil change since buying this car 2 years ago. The oil service light came on because it was last done 1 year ago, not because of millage. It was pretty simple and straightforward. I could easily crawl under car while it was parked in...
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    Do I need LV Dot 4 for Vehicle With DSC?

    Why can't I just use regular DOT 4 in a BMW? I would just buy the gallon of the BMW Brake fluid, but I don't need a whole gallon. I believe Toyota still calls for a DOT 3/4.
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    ZF 8 Speed Fluid Poll

    I need some help deciding. Please tell me any good info.
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    BMW Brake Fluid

    What brake fluid do I need for a 2013 BMW? DOT 4? DOT 4 LV?