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    Thought provoking quote from Mike Rowe "Dirty Jobs"

    Here are my thoughts which were provoked by the caption and thread ... The following are my opinions based on my experiences, and probably won't align with everyone else. I agree with Rowe. Not 100% though. My kids (in their 20s) are not lazy, don't live at home; one did college education...
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    Looks perfectly serviceable to me. (y)
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    Ow-20 for Jag/LR 5.0 SC

    A slightly thicker grade certainly isn't going to hurt, but honestly it's unlikey to make anything "better" either, in terms of wear control. Once the oil film is "thick enough", making it "thicker" does not reduce wear. (referred to as MOFT; minimum oil film thickness). You have 80k...
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    Project Farm - Tests Pennzoil Motor Oil

    I'll nit-pick here, just a bit, for clarification. Several years ago, I worked in cooperation with Blackstone to collect data for my UOA normalcy study. I didn't work "for" them; I never got paid or any promotional considerations. I simply coordinated with Ryan to get the data from their...
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    Ford 2V 4.6L V8 @ 105k miles; QS 5w-20 conventional @ 3k miles w/ high Fe

    A few questions for the OP ... - what oil brand/grade was used (I'll update the title for you). - what does it mean when you say "The lead, copper, and tin have calmed down to normal levels ..."? Do you have other UOAs where these were also elevated?
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    Ford 2V 4.6L V8 @ 105k miles; QS 5w-20 conventional @ 3k miles w/ high Fe

    Respectfully, I disagree in this specific applicaiton. The 4.6L 2v mod motors are typically very consistent in wear rates. I do agree that extreme examples can always be anecdotally shown, but overall the 4.6L is VERY proven and does not exhibit wear rates typically anywhere near this high as...
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    Ford 2V 4.6L V8 @ 105k miles; QS 5w-20 conventional @ 3k miles w/ high Fe

    I have a lot of experience with these engines. Owned a couple of MGMs ran out to high mileage, and drove CVPIs on duty for about a decade. I also have about 600 UOAs on these engines from all manner of various sources. These Fe rates are high for sure. It's typical to see less than...
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    My NC750X has a lil brother now

    I had a CT70 when I was young, and lusted over the old Trail 90. The new 125 is calling me, taunting me ... So very jealous!
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    Can Fuel treatment cleaner help with fuel pump's longevity?

    Generally, fuel pumps fail electrically. While the fuel is used to cool the internal pumps, it does not directly touch the motor rotor/stator, and therefoer I can't fathom how fuel system cleaner would increase the longevity of a pump.
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    Arrogant Jerk

    geeeeezzzz ... even his "apology" was half-hearted. Still had an ax to grind in his follow-up video.
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    Automotive oil fast facts guide

    Don't know that 65 pages qualifies as a "fast facts" guide ... But overall decent effort.
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    Arrogant Jerk

    I'm biased; 25 years of LEO, so take my view with a grain of salt if you so choose ... Good for her and her fellow officers. "Jerk" is the most polite term which can be applied to him. I'll bet she survives to her 8th year no problem. His political career, not so much.
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    High performance lubricants oil

    I understand your skeptiscism ... Others above have explained the pros and cons of the API certs; I'll not add to what's already been said. No one here at BITOG created HPL. A few staff folks use their products, but several of us do not. I don't use HPL products, but I have toured their...
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    High performance lubricants oil

    I'm not really sure "info" you're seeking for here. You've heard the testimony of a few users. There are some UOAs also on the site. The PDSs are available on this site. What else were you looking for? HPLs products are top shelf; you're not going to hear anything bad about them...
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    DD 60 series 12.7L, 6.1k miles, Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40

    Low wear, low contamination, strong TBN, and stayed in grade. What's not to like?
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    Rear Differential Gear Oil Comparison?

    Don't focus on what the label says. Rather, concentrate on what the lube can do; look at its performance and not its pedigree. Look at this site and then open the QPL (qualified product list) link These lubes are tested for what they...
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    Another Honda filter cut open

    Looks perferctly fine. The FCI seems suited for the application.
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    Honda S2000 90k miles; 1k Miles on Penrite Racing 10w40

    Pretty impressive for flogging her at the track for 2k miles.
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    A pessimist would point out that the filter has no metal end caps, and a leaf spring. If the can were orange, it would be poo-poo'd and sent to the shelf of shame. But because it's not orange, folks will accpet it because it's OEM. But I actually don't give a darn about these features: -...
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    Thank You to those who have served our country

    In no way would I diminish the service by all men and women who've served us faithfully; they are much appreciated. But ... Today is a somewhat somber and unique day. I believe those who we've lost in service would want us to be with family and friends, to peacefully reflect on the efforts...