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    Buying Parts Through the Repair Shop

    That depends on how much profit they want to make. We do not know their profit margins.
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    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    Not our guys. They commute in Los Angela's traffic every day. At least 3 hrs each way. On Friday night it can take 6+ hrs to get home.
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    Diesel Tuner goes to prison.

    Ya. I didn't know any better. I do now lol. But it's not a good idea to post about emissions mods on a public forum. I see it often here.
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    Deluge of spam calls

    I'm getting some with my area code but weird prefix
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    Range test, pickups. GMC vs Ford Lighting EV, same trailers

    The people pushing this technology never leave their city. Won't work in real world usage.
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    Mismarked oil

    Send it to me for proper disposal
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    Diesel Tuner goes to prison.

    I just stuck the nozzle in the filler and shoved it in circles to enlarge the hole. Then I could use the regular pump. On a side note many people that live in a place with no emissions testing think that are exempt from the rules. Including people on this forum.
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    Insurance totaled car over catalytic converter theft

    If you can go with an aftermarket cat and whatever else you should be able to get it back drivable for less than $500.
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    Clutch safety switch purpose?

    My Jeep has an empty spot in the fuse box to bypass the clutch start switch. It was the first thing I did was to put that fuse in. On my f250 I cut and spliced the wires to bypass that switch.
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    Kelly Tires really?

    Kelly tires have been around for as long as I have been driving. That's nearly 40 years.
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    Oil Questiin

    The one below the coil is the engine oil. The other is the transmission dipstick.
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    Why should i not use a motorcycle oil in a car?

    Motorcycles use the same stuff. If it's good enough for a bike it's plenty for a car
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    Fuel quality 1984 vs today

    By the mid 70's all engines had induction hardened valve seats for unleaded gas. The original 1975 ,345 international I took apart years ago had the hard seats factory installed.
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    How are these Fram Drive filters? Same as AC Delco & Supertech?

    Can't be any worse than the Purolator and wix offerings.
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    Possible to charge a dead battery to reverse polarity?

    Many cars and what not were positive ground into the late 40's and later. My 1956 case tractor was positive ground when new
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    What do you do if you quarantine at home?

    That's what im saying. I'd be miles from anyone.
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    Steakhouse Boss Becomes Chef, Cooks 200 Steaks a Day

    Needs both hands! Lol
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    Is Jump Starting Still A Viable Practice?

    Naw. The reason you put the ground on the engine instead of the battery is to prevent sparks around the hydrogen gas in the battery and causing an explosion.