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    Tube Processor

    We got a new tube processor at that uses plasma to CNC cut tubing. On some of our larger weldments it saves hours of saw cutting and drilling and makes higher precision parts.
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    F-22 Flight Controls Lecture

    Very interesting lecture about how integrated and automated the F-22 is.
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    Visitors yesterday

    A group of 4 bucks have been hanging around for a couple weeks. These are the two largest.
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    Honda Engine Shortage

    Got a message from the Honda Engine Distributor for work that there is a shortage of Honda engines that will go on until at least September. The models of GX630 and GX690 we use have none available in the Honda system. I don't know if it affects the GC series that are made in domestically. At...
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    Lathe Chuck Grease

    What is in this magic sauce that makes it special and expensive?
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    Stratolaunch airborne Again
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    Pulled this off a John Deere today

    That is the only English on the filter. I thought it was serviced by the dealer prior to our purchase but that doesn’t look OEM Deere.
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    Good Customer Service

    Awhile back I wrote about really bad customer service from a truck accessories reseller. This time I have a positive customer service story. I recently bought a Tekton torque wrench for torquing trailer lug nuts. Its look at feel is surprising good considering the economy price point...
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    C-17 Tactical Descent

    The C-17 is a impressive performing aircraft It’s about the size of a 777 and designed to operate in theatre from dirt runways. One unique feature is it can descend at 20,000 ft/min, basically falling out of the sky. In this video, at about 1:30, you can see the pilot pull the throttles back...
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    New Engine, Many Plastic Parts, Special Break-in Oil?

    Just got this new 4 cylinder put together and want to break it in right while it’s still on the stand It’s a neat model with a timing belt, working valvetrain, and spark plugs that light up in time.
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    What’s In Your Vehicle First Aid Kit?

    What do you carry? What type of container is it in? I have various Bandages, dressings, tapes, saline wash, CPR mask, OTC medications.
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    Mid-Air Refueling a F-22

    Interesting video with comms of refueling F-22s
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    Poor Customer Service.

    I purchased some running boards from Real Truck / Running Board Warehouse back in May. Two weeks after I installed them the rubber step pad on them shrank so it was no longer covering the board end to end. My first contact with customer service (CS) was “disassemble the step and re center the...
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    Webcam on a TV?

    I am setting up a meeting room at work and would like to setup a basic webcam on a TV without using a laptop or phone for the camera. I’ve read it can be done through an HDMI connection but I haven’t found a HDMI camera. I tried USB but it didn’t work. Any suggestions?
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    Shop-Vac closed

    Another US company closing its doors
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    Sitting at Chuck Yeager’s Desk

    My Sister-in-Law was recently promoted to Commandant of USAF Test Pilot School as a continuation of her outstanding career in the AF. We attended the Change of Command ceremony and toured the TPS facilities full of all sorts of interesting flight test technology. She’ll be in charge of...
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    Last Crown Vic Retired from CHP

    Today was the last day for the Crown Victoria in the California Highway Patrol. They’ve been using them since 1984. Last CHP CV retired
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    Aerial Firefighting

    It’s that time of year again, it seems like half of California is on fire. A few Air National Guard units are equipped with Modular Aerial Fire Fighting Systems (MAFFS) that convert a standard C-130 into a fire fighter. These ANG Wings do this in addition to regular military airlift needs. This...
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    F-14 Design Lecture

    Very interesting presentation on the F-14 <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    SQL Basics?

    I recently implemented an ERP system at work that uses SQL. I've learned some very basic stuff for modifying queries but would like to become a little more proficient. I'm using Microsoft Report Builder, PowerBI, and SSMS for making/modifying reports. Anyone have some resources for learning...