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    Sealant for Oil Pan RTV or Anerobic

    I am working on a 2014-2018 series Chevy LS engine (aluminum pan) for a broken timing chain tensioner which was alsostarting damage on the oil pump, but in order to complete the job I had to drop the oil pan and there to do the job. I am ready to assemble and Alldata DIY calls for RTV or...
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    Chevy LV3 4.3L

    I am currently working on a 2016 Chevy LV3 4.3L, the manual and the oil cap says 5W-30, however, the 2014 version of this same engine(First year made) says 0w-20, then I come to find out, there problems with this engine oil pump and timing chain tensioner breaking, Manual even states when...
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    HT/HS, lower = slightly better fuel economy BUT

    Quite interesting that discussions of lower HT/HS always center around improved fuel economy, but never mention increased or equal longevity of engines or reduced wear compared to high HT/HS.🤔 Older video:
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    Wix 57356 new batch

    I normally purchase my Wix filters from RA in packs of 12 to save on shipping. My last batch of 57356 filters purchased in 2021 were all made in the US and had a reddish ADV, The new 2022 batch I ordered are all made in China, have a sealed plastic over the opening and a gray ADV valve Is this...
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    Why shorter OCI with non-synthetic?

    I have read several comments where members have stated they do not exceed 3-5k with non-synthetics and was curious why? There are several none synthetics that have a higher TBN then some synthetics and stay in grade, so why change sooner that a non extended drain synthetic?
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    Cleaning a mighty vac.

    For those of you with mighty vacs do you just dump out the extracted fluids or do you do some sort of rinse and clean? If you do rinse and clean what is your process?
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    Delvac 1300 SP rated I was under the impression that the HDEOs were not going to carry the dual rating?
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    Spark Plugs Tundra 5.7L 90K Miles

    I Replaced some OEM plugs on Tundra 5.7L with 90K miles. Vehicle was running good, just routine maintenance. Plugs shown as removed from engine with the front of the engine being at the bottom of the page. I was shocked to see cylinder #4. Half the insulator was gone. There was not miss or...
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    Castrol GTX HM SP

    I was wondering how much the SP formula will vary from the SN Plus for Castrol 5w-30? Looks like the SN Plus was pretty stout at almost 9 TBN and 2200 in Ca + Mg I suspect the SP is identical to SN plus? However listed approvals...
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    Viscosity @ 40°C a predictor of Cold Pumpability?

    Is the 40°C viscosity value of an oil indicative of what it pumpability will be in extreme cold temperatures? Take 4 different oils to be nameless for now but from the majors all 30 grade, Oil #1 has a KV @ 40°C of 66.4cSt and at 100°C 11.7cSt Oil #2 has a KV @ 40°C of 66cSt and at 100°C...
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    RGT Add pack fall out

    I changed the oil on one of my vehicles last fall before I parked it for the winter. I Have a stash of RGT so used that and put about 100 miles or so before storage. A few weeks ago after over 6 months in storage, I decided to drive the vehicle but checked the oil first. See the attached...
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    Help selecting Battery charger

    I have been reading the thread of JHZR2 and it seems a few here are fans of Noco or ctek. I am in the market for a new charger and was thinking of a wheeled schumacher. Now I am not sure on what to get. Most of the new chargers all say microprocessor controlled. Is there really that big a...
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    DCT fluid

    I was just about to change a the fluid in a Ford Fiesta with the GETRAG 6DCT250 for a friend. Not paying attention, I bought Valvoline DCT fluid, and some how decided to look up the spec M2C 936A that the valvoline reference and it is for a wet clutch DCT not a dry clutch Ford has this fluid...
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    J300 spec

    Most people here probabbly know this, but I found it interesting the the original J300 spec in 1911 for oil grades was the oil flow time at 100deg C.
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    Oil Testing

    Was curious as to why the Timken bearing wear test is not used more to test the lubricity of the oils and measuring the wear scar? Wouldn’t this provide some idea of how the oil would protect I know it does not quite simulate exact engine conditions, but it could be a relative comparison...
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    TES 295 ATF in a PS calling for DEXIII

    I know in the past the TES-295 carried a DEXIII approval. Does anyone know if the TES295 SPEC changed recently or is the formulation still "compatible or suitable" to use in DEXIII applications? I also plan on using it on a 2012 Silverado PS pump that calls for some GM part#. I have Delvac 1 ATF...
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    Universal Coolant

    Most of the vehicles I maintain have standardized on MAXLIFE ATF so far so good. I hate replacing coolant as always end up with an opened jug. Honda Blue, Dexcool, Toyota Pink. etc and with the toxicity of coolant, I do not want to waste more than need be. Can I standardize coolant to one of...
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    Thick vs. Thin

    I was poking around Valvolines website and ran across this in the FAQ. “Is it ok to use 5W-30 in a car if the owner's manual calls for 5W-20? Valvoline does not recommend doing this. Using a heavier grade than recommended may cause decrease in fuel economy, higher engine loads and eventually...
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    Toyota 5.7L burning oil

    A bit of back sorry, I maintain a 5.7L for a buddy of mine which has 70K miles. I have maintained it since about 20K miles and it always used Mobil 1 AFE 0w-20 every 5K miles as he does not want deviate from the recommended viscosity. Did not use a drop between oil changes Fast forward to the...
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    Hoping the J35 experts can chime in

    I posted this on the Ody forum and have gotten a lot of views but not a single reply. Hoping someone Like Trav, Clinebarger, The Critic might have an idea. This van has been keeping me busy lately. Body and interior are mint and engine and trans are strong even with the varnish on one side as I...