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    No wonder our insurance rates keep going up
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    Anyone here (or a relative) with Lupus?

    I realize there are specific support groups out there, but sometimes you get information from parties that aren't consumed by the subject. Not me, my 38 y.o. daughter. Previously had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis so there's obviously some autoimmune problems at work here. Seems to...
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    Old Man Bored to death by Appliance Camry.

    Someone tail ended me at a stop sign. He had Geico which got me into one of their select shops the day after the accident. No problem with treatment by Geico or the Enterprise guy who checked me out. Whole process took about fifteen minutes. I buy used rental cars so I'm not the sort to...
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    Altima Cop Car

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    What does it mean when the teapot light comes on?

    For some reason I signed up for a couple of Facebook Kia Soul groups. The above subject heading was posted yesterday. Similar posts come up at least monthly. People too dumb to check a dipstick, yet they all name their cars. I've had good luck with my Hertz '17 Soul+. At least a rental...
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    Hyundais, Hyundais, Hyundais!

    Whole line of little mom and pop used car lots along the I-70 service road. Most of them are sixty year old houses that were lining the road before the Interstate went through and the yards were paved over for commercial duty. One is jammed with (mostly) Sonatas and Elantras from one of the...
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    Duh-- Didn't know there was a SIM card.

    Have had Boost for almost a decade now. Never had to try their customer service til this one. Hint- it sucks. Maybe Dish fired a bunch of people, nothing on their voice lines but endless options that lead to no one. No chat that I can find. They do have a consumer board but lots of the...
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    Tell this geezer why I need gigabit Internet?

    OK-- This was prompted by the "shaving" thread. I have Spectrum. Spectrum advertises 100MBps speeds here in metro St. Louis, I usually get 60, this morning I was in the twenties. Years ago, when Google was putting Gigabit into Kansas City, I asked people-- what can you do with this? And...
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    Who Makes Harvest King? AGAIN.

    OK-- Last time this was posted, it was the general consensus (and I was a participant) that HK was Warren Oil (not WPP), then Citgo, and lately (with the change of bottles) Warren Oil again. Mid-States Distributing as listed as the distributor on the label, and I emailed through their portal...
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    Honda like Holden (and maybe Nissan)-- Goodbye Australia

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=JKekHN-GdNU</a> Never been to 'Stralia and my last Honda was a Super Cub, but this is a bit surprising. Guess I should have put a "?" at the end of the title tag.
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    RMD-- Is this the time to take it?

    Because I've put a lot of 457 money into an IRA, I have too much money in there and am taking it in the neck on income taxes. I've been putting about ten grand a year from my regular IRA into my Roth after making the RMD, but a normal projected RMD shows my almost doubling my RMD as accounts...
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    Jay Leno-- Honda 50/Cub Memories

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=UYdt4vg3GGo</a> Memories, memories--- Bought the tank model in Mitchell SD in 1962 from a bicycle shop. Repairs and adjustments were handled by a motorcycle dealer on Lake...
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    "You'll have to pay your Roku licensing fee."

    Girlfriend had a six year old Roku box. Got a notice from Roku that it would no longer be supported and they offered a replacement for half price. She let the exchange date expire so thought it was best to buy one of those $120 TCL 32" smart TV's from Wally World to replace her 24 incher. We...
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    Harvest King still Citgo???

    Needed to throw six ounces into the VWB in my Soul. Harvest King syn 5w30 (at Rural King). Did this once before and pretty sure it was Citgo but the bottle has changed and it has a Dexos number #D125AAAC334 that I can't find on the Dexos licensing page. Thought this stuff was Warren Oil pre...
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    What's the deal with these phony Facebook car prices?

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>marketplace/<wbr>item/<wbr>2229787993949151/<wbr></a> Obviously this isn't a $200 car. Tires and wheels aren't even $200. What's the flim-flam here? When the first...
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    Does MMO= Mind over matter?

    Several oil changes ago I threw a few ounces of a left over bottle of MMO in a few hundred miles short of my oil change. On a whim I bought another bottle and put in another four ounces in about 500 miles before an oil change. My dip stick actually looks cleaner than I remember at any time...
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    One more bite at the 5w20 v. 5w30 debate:

    I know we've been down this road before. Not allowed to change my own oil cause I'm a condo dwelling geezer. I have a two liter, direct injection HyunKia engine. No real indication of fuel dilution and I'm not planning on getting a lab report. I'm using SuperTech syn on a 6K oci in order...
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    Mystery Foam

    My girlfriend commented that something was hanging from her car-17 Optima LX The sun was going down and we were going places, but it looks like a piece of low density foam strip, kind of like the stuff they sell at Home Depot for weather stripping. Looked square, no adhesive, little less than...
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    So who uses Exxon-Mobil EHC basestocks?

    On several occasions I've posted the links to Mobil's sheet promoting EHC45 and 65 base stocks. The take is that if a blender uses these Group II base stocks, they won't have to use Group III. If, not, then (about 50%) Group III is necessary for 5w20 and 5w30 SN/SN+ certification. So my...
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    Magnetic Out, ST in at Wally Auto Care Center.

    Just got one. This is the $37 low end group 3 --still called semi-syn change. Guess all conventional is now semi syn and low end semi syn is now really group 3. Oils outstrip labels. Fine with me since I like the corporate culture of WPP better than BP. Ten bucks more get you Mobil 1.