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    Should I upgrade from Firefox 3.0.12 to 3.5?

    I'm running Vista 64-bit on a newer desktop computer with Firefox 3.0.12. Should I upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, ver 3.5 I think. Is there any downside to upgrading to 3.5? Is it stable?
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    OK to use winter windshield cleaner year-round?

    Some vehicles don't get driven much so they don't go through a whole lot of windshield cleaner in a season. Is it OK to use winter-formula windshield cleaner (the yellow stuff) year-round? Or will the higher alcohol content cause problems in the summer?
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    Resolution of DISH satellite HD feed.

    DISH satellite is our HD feed. We have a Sony KDFE42A10 42" 720p receiver connected to the satellite HD box with a HDMI cable. Problem is, the HD stations appear no better (or worse) than the regular analog stations. What gives? How can I tell if the satellite box is really putting out a HD...
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    WooHoo, bought GC @ $! off and got a hot wheels to boot!

    Seems someone bought up the N.A. 0w30 Syntec so my local AZ now has GC. And on sale (coupon) at $1.00 off! They also threw in a free hot wheels car for the grandkids. "Castrol Syntec has teamed up with Funkmaster Flex to bring you these special edition custom rides to you - available at...
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    Crap, my local AZ only had one quart of GC on the shelf.

    The only AZ in Our Fair City that stocks GC only had one quart of gold GC on the shelf -- and about two dozen quarts of made-in-America Syntec 0w30. Will some of you guys buy the N.Amer. stuff so they'll restock with GC? No one around here seems to want the stuff.
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    Audi B5 S4, Castrol Syntec 0W30 (German), Mobil One 0W40 (three samples total)

    I'm no tribologist, but for a 2.7t motor that's run 125K on dino oil and only 17K on syn, the results are quite good. Given the fuel situation, your car might be running rough. If plugs are OK, try a dose of BG44K or Techron to clean up the combustion chambers. Carboning-up is a common...
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    Mobil 1 0w40 harder to find

    It probably has to do with the new EP & SUV oils taking shelf space. Demand what you want from your favorite retailer.
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    GC in a 5.7L pushrod V8 Silverado?

    I drive my '95 Silverado with the venerable 5.7L pushrod V8 about 5K miles/year; hauling a 2800# camper in the summer and short trips to the dump the rest of the year. I've been running Pennzoil 10w30 in the summer and Pennz 5w30 in the winter with a fall & spring OCI. Would I be better off...
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    Error on VW Audi list of 502 approved oils...

    Thanks for the info, AudiJunki. I was suprised to see a Valvoline oil on the list, too. I'm sticking with either GC or M1 0w40 in my '02 Audi.
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    GC is only sorta green; looks like a straignt 40W Chevron ,circa 1955

    Finally time to change out the M1 0w40 for GC. The Audi dealer did the oil change, with me supplying the GC. When I got home and pulled the stick, it was brownish-looking, similar to dino Castrol. I feared the dealer hadn't used my GC at all, until I bought more and poured out some into a...
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    Bush Does It Again

    When President Bush was signing the defense appropriations bill Thursday he was quoted as saying, "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we".
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    Eye floaters

    I understand floaters to be specks of blood; the eye, esp. the retina, contains lots of blood vessels. It's quite normal to have an occasional floater, but more may indicate problems such as high eye pressure (glaucoma) or even a tear in the retina. Laser surgery is used to repair the vessels...
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    Cetris paribus, does lowering oil viscosity raise or lower oil temp?

    If I run a 10w40 weight oil rather than a 10w30 weight oil, of the same brand/type, will my oil temperature be higher, lower, or not change at all?
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    Altternative to OEM Mann filter for an Audi 2.7t

    I've been afraid to deviate from the stock Mann filter (077 115 561 J) for my Audi 2.7t motor as I understand Audi uses a high-pressure oil pump that places unusual demands on a filter, such as necessitating a higher-sprung bypass valve. Has anyone had experience with non-oem filters in this or...
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    Oil suggestions for new vehicles

    5w30 should be great for the Chevy; 5w20 is the ticket for the Honda, as you've found out. Synthetic or conventional, your choice.
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    Mixing Mobil1 0w30 & Mobil1 0w40

    I have some leftover M1 0w30 & 0w40, both SuperSyn. Any harm in mixing them (3 qts. each) and running it for 5K miles in my '02 allroad? Or are the oils too different? I plan to switch to GC after that.
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    Horray! Found GC 0w30 at my local AutoZone in Olympia, Washington.

    That should make the 2.7t allroad happy! I think it should work better than M1 0w40 for 10K-mile drains, don't you?
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    I notice that the M1 0w20 is rated ACEA A1, which is not too shiney methinks.

    I'd think it would need to be rated ACEA A5, like the 0w30 is, to be acceptable. What do you think?
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    Got 12 oil filter for .50 cents each!!!

    They should last as long as any other standard filter. 5K miles should be no problem.
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    Which is better, M1 0w30 or M1 5w30?

    For an engine specified to use either 0w30 or 5w30, which is the better oil: Mobil1 Super Syn 0w30, or Mobil1 SuperSyn 5w30? Does M1 0w30 do everything that M1 5w30 does, and more?