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    Wheel damage from incorrect lug nuts?

    A friend of mine paid someone to change the winter tires to OEM aluminum wheels on a 2022 Highlander. Long story short, the guy ended up using the lug nuts for the aftermarket aluminum winter wheels, instead of the OEM Toyota because of a mishap with the tire storage facility. My friend asked...
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    Gen 5 Rav4 Hybrid High Voltage Wiring Corrosion

    We are thinking of replacing my wife's Outback with a Rav4 Hybrid. I came across this article (it's in french, but google will translate): It speaks of some serious wiring corrosion...
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    Ford Racing FL-1HP

    A friend gave me two of these Ford FL-1HP filters years ago and they were old then. So they have been sitting a long time, but I do have a built Ford V8 I could use them on. Anyone know the specs on these? Are they worth using? I know some racing filters are more about flow that filtration...
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    Brake Rotors Effect on Stopping Power

    I am overhauling the brakes system on an old Ford Torino. I am looking to get the best performance from the stock disc/drum setup. I was going to upgrade the brake pads and shoes to Porterfield's R4-S compound. I could also go with EBC pads, but Porterfield is the only vendor that makes brake...
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    Brakes for 2016 Outback

    I am looking to replace the OEM front brakes on a 2016 Outback. I was thinking of trying Raybestos Element 3 pads and coated rotors but RockAuto has neither in stock. I can get them through another vendor but significantly more money. However, I can get Akebono ProAct Pads and Centric partially...
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    Quality Wheel Bearing

    My 08 Tundra front left wheel bearing is feeling pretty rough when I free wheel the hub. I am going to replace it with a pre-assembled hub and bearing. I can get SKF, Doorman, Beck/Arnley, SKP or Durago. I am thinking that SKF is probably the best of the bunch. Any opinions on what is the best...
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    Brake Rotors - Most Rust Resistant?

    I live in an area that sees severe winters and lots of salt use. My Toyota Tundra while it sees regular use, also can sit for half a week without use which causes the brakes to rust frequently. At best I am getting about 4 years out of a brake rotor before it becomes so severely rusted that it...
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    Subaru 15208AA15A Alternatives

    I am looking for an good alternative filter for the OEM Subaru 15208AA15A oil filter for a 2016 2.5L FB engine. RockAuto lists many but I know from old threads here that many don't have the correct bypass valve. Are the Carquest filters in Canada still Wix clones? I could use a 84055 which is...
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    Castrol Limited Slip 80w-90 Oil

    I am working a Ford 9" differential with freshly rebuilt Trac-Lok clutch style limited slip. I am going to fill it with Castrol 80w-90 Limited Slip oil. Does this oil have the friction modifier already added? The guy at the parts store said it does, but not sure how knowledgeable he is...
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    Carburetor Tuning with Wide Band O2 Sensor

    I'd like to fine tune my Holley carburetor with a wide band O2 sensor setup. Does anyone have experience with these? Any recommendations on what works well? I was reading on the Innovate LM-2 and it looks like it'd would work. I like that it's not permanently mounted like a gauge and that I...
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    Differential OCI

    Toyota recommends 30K mile or 50K km OCI for the differentials on my Tundra. They recommend 75w85 but I have been using 75W90 synthetic. Since with the transfer case it takes nearly 8 quarts of gear oil, it's not cheap to replace all this oil. There is no mechanical LSD or lockup in either diff...
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    Wearever Brake Shoes/Drums

    I am working on a '76 Chev Malibu that needs rear brakes. Choices are limited but I can get a set of remium Wearever shoes an drums cheaper than Raybestos. The guy at Carquest says he only carries Wearever because they give him the fewest complaints. I have never used this brand before, any...
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    SuperTech 10W30 for Engine Break-in (rebuilt)

    I am going to break-in a newly rebuilt Ford 351c V8 with a roller cam and rockers soon. I was thinking of using Supertech 10W30 (I have a new jug in the garage) for a first short run with comp cams break-in additive. I tried to find a VOA on Supertech 10W30 and had no luck. It seems there is...
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    Brake Rotor - Are there any good ones left?

    I am looking to do a brake job on my '08 Tundra soon. I am thinking of going with akebono brake pads, but not sure one what rotors to go with. I would like a coated/painted rotor due to the salty winters, but otherwise I just really want a decent quality rotor that will last long and not...
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    New Car - First OCI Subaru Outback

    We bought a brand new 2016 Outback with a 2.5L four cylinder earlier this year. Subaru recommends OCI of 10,000 km (6200 miles) with OW20 oil. I am still a little old school and I was thinking of doing the first two oil changes at 5000 kms (3100 miles) and then follow the 10K intervals from...
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    Ethanol and Carburetors

    What detrimental effects does ethanol have on vehicles powered by carburetors? I know that it can be damaging to the soft parts that aren't ethanol compatible. Is ethanol damaging to carburetors made from zinc or aluminum? I know that ethanol is hydroscopic, so I am not sure how it would affect...
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    QS Defy vs HDEO in old V8's

    I maintain a few carbureted pusherod flat tappet V8 engines. I have been using 10W30 HDEO (currently Rotella) for many years now with decent success. Would it be worthwhile to consider switching to QS Defy oil? Is there any benefit to using this oil over over an HDEO? Opinions?
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    Issues with this site and IE

    Does anyone know why IE won't keep me logged in on this site? As soon as a log in and change pages, I get logged out. Cookies are enabled, and I have no issues with other discussion forums. Both my computers have this issue. Firefox works fine though.
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    Wheel Bearing Diagnosis

    I am trying to diagnose what I believe may be a bad wheel bearing. I used to have access to a chassis ear to do this sort of thing, but I don't anymore. In any case the noise is related to speed and sounds like it's coming from the front left corner. The sound seems to get louder when I turn...
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    Thing of Buying Collinite - Questions

    I have been reading up on Collinite 845 and it seems to be one of the best waxes for durability. I need something that will last a long time because I don't have time to detail the paint on my daily drivers often. I have a few questions for users before I order it: Do you have to clay before...