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    "Doesn't burn a drop of oil" ??

    I think it has to do with engines that use low tension rings for lower friction benefits, all of my Hondas (7 of them) used 1-2 quarts per 3000 mile intervals. My Dodge SRT-4 barely used any oil and it was a highly stressed engine. Our Dodge Caravan doesn't use a drop between changes, and our...
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    Axle oil : Are Synthetic better then Mineral oil?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Pablo, Educate us if you can. I was under the assumption that this is one area where there is data to support the idea that synthetic gear/transmission oils do improve MPG (truck fleets, etc.)over dinos. Or, am I mistaken? <hr...
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    Rislone works!

    I don't think Rislone is all that harsh, it is made to be used on every fill, rather than just a one time cleaner. I question the quantity they give you, an entire quart seems like alot to me, for reglar maintenance doses I'd probably use 1/2 or 1/4 that amount, but either way I don't think...
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    Best Permatex for use with synthetic in rear end?

    I was going to say use the black, it is the same as some of the oem sealers, so it should hold up. When you installed it did you go around the bolt holes properly, usually that is where they leak the most. Also , I always wait about 30 minutes or more , before I fill the differential with...
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    75w90 or 80w90 in a ranger

    I'm going to run the Amsoil Severe Gear 75w-90 in my Ford Escape 4wd, Amsoil has a 80w-90 but not in severe gear formula, so I think I'll take the 75w-90 with the fortified formula. Funny thing about our owner's manual is states that in severe cold weather with extended periods below -30 we...
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    2004 Honda Odyssey Transmission

    I thought part of the failures were poor fluid travel on certain parts of the gears, and Honda did institute a fix for that issue. I'd take the rebuilt tranny myself as it likely has the updated fixes. In any case your warranty would not be any shorter, so go for the rebuilt one IMO.
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    Motomaster Oil...?

    my dad used Nugold Motomaster oil exclusively in his two commercial trucks and they lasted for years under harsh hauling conditions. He got over 600,000 kms on both of his gas powered GMC engines before he got rid of the trucks, the engines were still fine when he sold the trucks.
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    Pablo, what do you think about Bob's gear oil test, on Amsoil's 80w-90 compared with Schaefers fluid ?. Quite often we don't get enough information on gear oils, then when you do it can almost be confusing (like Bob's test). Never quite sure what to believe and you hate to be guinea pig...
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    Bror, that would have been a better way to go for sure, I wish I had done that based on how much metal was in the original fluid. Unfortunately I only realized it after the drain and I went ahead with the new fluid, but your suggestion would have been superior. Also, I dumped the old fluid...
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    ah cool, thanks for the positive opinions, good testimonials by the sounds of it. Unfortunately I bought the vehicle used with 25,000 miles on it so could not change the fluid until I first got it.
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    thanks for all of the great replies, I'll leave Redline in there a bit and see how it goes if you guys think it is decent enough. In terms of viscosity the Redline 75w-90 is pretty close to being an 80w from what I can tell.
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    yeah the reason I went with the Redline 75w-90 was that it was readily available out of the preferred synthetics. BTW, My owners manual says I can run 70w-140 if we experience extreme cold temps frequently below -30F. I wonder how it would compared to the other fluids ?, I always thought...
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    Is Everyone Happy with Redline Differential Fluid

    I recently changed my rear differential fluid on my Ford Escape 4wd v6 to Redline 75w-90, replacing the stock 80w-90 conventional fluid. So far no issues to report and the truck runs well in the recent snow storms we've had, very quiet and smooth. I noticed Amsoil Severe Gear fluid available...
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    OCI for low milage car

    only thing you need to worry about is control of acidic compounds which are left sitting for a year with that type of OCI. I don't know if some oils are better at controlling acid/corrosion, I would think a good synthetic is the way to go over a cheaper conventional as they are normally built...
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    Over the counter Moly

    The Valvoline additive seemed like the best route to achieve higher moly and I thought it was a great idea, but I could never find it up here in our area. What I've done in the past is put a quart of redline in the engine, given it's high moly count it would reduce down to more reasonable...
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    Just changed oil yesterday and used Lucas

    Lucas has their name around many racetracks in the US, sometimes that's all it takes to make a few bucks. Like mentioned above, I doubt their products will hurt anything, they may not help, but I doubt they will hurt. I'd keep it in the engine, if you could do a UOA that would be pretty...
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    Good mileage oil

    I ran Redline 10w-40 and got some of the best fuel economy ever seen on my car, as compared to Mobil1 10w-30, so I don't think HTHS is the key determinant, friction reducing qualities of the oil likely are more of a determining factor. Low friction and high wear protection can go hand in hand...
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    Any Opinions on Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant ..

    my first fuel tank did get a bit better fuel economy, not sure if it was due to the Lucas or other conditions but I'll keep monitoring it. I was wondering how often to use it, every second fill might be alright I guess, they don't really tell you on the label , unless they intend for it to...
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    Any Opinions on Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant ..

    I've got a bottle of this , looks interesting and one bottle does about 8 treatments, cheaper than your average otc fuel additive. What do you guys think of this product. Sounds like a good idea, cleaning the fuel system while also lubricating the rings and valve parts. Could also be...
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    Tranny fluid type for Ford Taurus

    really nothing wrong with the Ford recommended fluid, made for the vehicle and reasonably priced IMO. Check the owner's manual and use the recommended fluid. If it is Mercon you can still get it from the dealer until January 2007 , or until they run out of current supplies. I know my dealer...