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  1. svtrit

    Canadian spec car switched to US gauge cluster, reading off

    Before I go to the dealer and request some service, I am curious if anyone else has bought a car that was originally from Canada, and was imported and sold in the US, and is having issues with the speedometer. I bought a 2019 Nissan Rouge, last Friday, that was originally sold in Toronto. It...
  2. svtrit

    Battery powered leaf blowers

    How is the battery life and any recommendations? My corded Black and Decker died and I’d like to go cordless. My cordless Black and Decker weed wacker is not good at all (batteries fail quickly), so that isn’t an option. Thanks.
  3. svtrit

    Battery instantly dead

    Last night I got in my Camry and nothing happened when I turned the key. After wiggling the negative clamp, and making note I tighten that, it fired up. Once home, I changed the battery and went to bed. This morning, same thing. It’s around -8F here these days. The battery only had 12.3 volts...
  4. svtrit

    Camry stumbling issue

    I'm not sure how to properly describe this.... 09 Camry 2.4, 230,500 miles It's been cold, below 20 degrees F. Leaving home, car was warmed about about 1 minute (sits in a garage), I will make my left turn and go up to 40 mph. First, I thought it was due to using cruise control, as the car...
  5. svtrit

    Long trip: driving has changed

    I spent a couple of days doing some multi state driving. It’s been a while, and it was nice to roll a bit. Getting bored with the radio and podcasts, I decided to watch the post lockdown driving styles people have. Left lane hogs seem to have different types: 1. The zoomer, who is going...
  6. svtrit

    Finding limits to my ability

    Dad and I did a garage bottom end rebuild on our 2002 Beetle. Now the engine is in, and runs like a champ, however.... 1. Transmission won't shift past 3rd gear, and shudders very hard on downshift. Oh, and 3rd gear only works above 40mph.... 2. You name it, the light is shining on the...
  7. svtrit

    Cheap buffer

    I’ve always been a clean car guy, generally hand waxing. I switched to Chemical Guys car wash soap and Meguires Hybrid Ceramic spray wax, but after getting a Walmart gift card, I decided to try a cheap buffer and rubbing compound to clean up some very annoying scratches in the deck lid of my new...
  8. svtrit

    My fleet is now old…..

    My allergy of debt keeps me from buying new cars. I used to be the kind of guy who never had to work on his cars because they were newish. Now: The new oil pump just installed in my Jeep caused my rear main seal to cry Uncle. It’s so bad I can’t drive it. Parked for now. 251k miles My newly...
  9. svtrit

    VW bug oil pan meets curb

    Last night our bug managed to get the brand new oil pan punctured. 3 miles later, my wife and daughter wisely pulled over as quick as they safely could. I was able to follow them by the oil trail, and am amazed at how little drains at 30 mph rpms. It was coating the car, and not the ground at...
  10. svtrit

    Should have followed my gut and just bought the tool

    My daughters Bug has the airbag light on, so I decided to take it to my local guy, who I rarely use, but do when I have to. The car needed two tires, so I figured he could do those for me while it was there for the airbag light. He calls yesterday to tell me that pretty much everything is...
  11. svtrit

    Ever "unbeat" a beater?

    I just took possession of my son and his wife's 2002 Beetle 2.0L (106,000 miles) as a driver for my 16 year old daughter. They were starving college students, and I helped to ensure the car was safe, but we did very minimal maintenance. Well, now my daughter is going to drive their beater, and...