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    Schaeffers 15w40 now have a 12 TBN

    So how much is the oil for a 12 qt. case ?
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    Specific Recommendation on Oil for a Honda VTX

    There was a post above stating that most Diesel Formulations do not have "friction mods" in them but I didn't see anyone recommending these oils. I've had great success using Amsoil 5w-30 Series 3000 in 600cc motorcycle engines in racing applications; typically rev at 14.4 up to 15.2 rpms...
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    Mobil 1 and long engine life

    My personal weed-eater, a non-commercial grade unit, obviously air-cooled has become a trusty friend of mine on my acre and a half; this is my 9th mowing season and she still runs great. Best part, I've only changed the plug once. Never had the compression checked but that's a great idea. By the...
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    Switching back and forth between brands of oils

    One thing we definitely agree on, it gets COLD in those Pennsylvania winters ! Recommend finding whatever oil you like that is readily available year-round; this is not to say that all oils will be adversely affected by mixing them.
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    Shouldn't oil read 30w10?

    Multi-vis oils, whether petro or synth, were designed to have much better pumpability in the winter, thus the lower number on the front-end (5w-30, the "w" stands for winter); the additive package is such that it makes dry start-ups less abrasive on your engine. On the flip-side to that, what...
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    Amsoil stage 2 air filter

    Do you have anyway of testing the air flow on that filter with the 1/8" of thick dirt on it? Plz, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that all paper filters(high or low quality) and dirty foam or gauze filters filter at their highest efficiency when they are dirty - does anyone...
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    Thinking of changing oils.

    Hey Schmoe ! You make a good observation on QS / PENNZ being owned by Shell now; I'm wondering if they are pitting these two products against one another - the average consumer probably still is unaware that Shell owns both. Also, have they combined their formulations ? It would make economic...
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    3.4 fourrunner sludged and smoking, now whats(includes pics)

    My wife has a 1995 Toyota 4Runner and has 141,000 miles; about three weeks ago, the rear main let go and I'm having to have that fixed, but no problems whatsoever from a sludge problem. One of the reasons we bought this model was because the 1994 thru 1996 models were supposed to have sound...
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    Found 12 quarts of the German Syntec...

    What's the scoop on "German Syntec" ? Does this have a different formulation than the U.S. formula ? Curious. Thanks.
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    Mobil 1 SuperSyn or Amsoil XL-7500???

    I recently read an article written in Lubes-n-Greases, March Issue, that the same oil recommended for 7K mile drains in the states, is recommended for 10K mile drains in Europe; whether that is fact or not I do not know. It is interesting to note that Honda now recommends up to 10K mile drains...
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    What do you think about 0W-40, 5W-50 and 10W-60?

    Hey Sprintman. I'm truly wondering what the pumpability numbers are for a 45w-70 Oil ? It would seem this weight of oil would only be used in a motor that's ready for a rebuild anyway. Another question I have, what kind of fuel economy could one expect from such a robust formulation ? If the...
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    Amsoil stage 2 air filter

    Hey Steve, are these filters TS76 or TS07 ? I'm interested .
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    With K&N and After Foam

    Micro sprint racing in Oklahoma is a very big deal and many racers still use K&N. I just wanted to share with you about a man who has been racing for many years and his father long before that and what they have found. Vic Sherrell is his name, his son Matt drives a 600cc Micro and they had used...
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    Air filter test showing flow

    I tried to look at Page 2 and couldn't get to it; I'm sure that's where they show the Efficiency Ratings. If a paper filter outflows a foam or gauze filter, it has to be a very poor filter or that's what tests in the past have shown; the higher the quality of paper the better the filter but the...
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    Amsoil stage 2 air filter

    Question: Do your filters always drip like that? I've always been told full-depth, foam filters require a small amount of oil to achieve max efficiency. I've used full-depth, foam filters for over 10 years now, on four different autos and only once have I experienced degradation of the foam and...
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    Opinion about Synthetic motor oil

    Wow! That thread took me over an hour to read; stepping away from my desk at times of course. Interesting stuff in 1980 and still is today; it had my attention and I kept wondering if the "SF" rated oils was just a typo or when that was written. Those articles were written about 5 yrs. prior...