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    Toyota throttle valve cable adjustment

    I have set the tv cable adjustment to the factory settings in my 2001 Toyota Carina on 5AFE engine and A240L auto gearbox. When the gas pedal is fully depressed and if i pull the inner wire to left, i find that there is still a little slack in there. Is that normal? Is the seeting OK?
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    Any problem using Chinese air filters?

    My car asks for Denso air filter which is, naturally, a little expensive and selectively available in some shops in my city. widely available ones are chinese. I change air filter every month due to air quality and dust. What's your take on using these Chinese ones and not original Denso air...
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    How is the STOP fuel injector cleaner from PPI?

    it's from PPI - Pennsylvania Petroleum Intl. and the red bottle says- 'STOP' fuel injector cleaner. anyone used it personally and got benefitted? how do i add it? before or after putting gas?
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    Quick tips on Toyota A240L atf type and quantitiy

    I have Toyota's A240L 4-speed auto transmission which is hydraulically controlled. I have the TV cable adjusted according to the spec. and I see that the atf level on the dipstick is a little higher than F mark. color is nice pinkish no odor. What is the difference between Dexron II, IID and...
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    Please suggest me something for my Toyota 5AFE 1.5

    Greetings guys. I purchased a used 2001 Toyota Carina Ti (JDM) on 5AFE 1.5L engine which has around 60K miles only. Engine's in very good condition, no oil loss/burn/hesitation/leak/smoke issue. Previous owner took good care but don't know what oil he used- i only changed the oil twice since...