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    Oil to use on 2015 Mustang GT

    Hi Guys so heres what i can tell you guys and then tell me what oil you think i should use 1. 2015 mustang gt 5.0 car manual states 5w20 3. i live in south florida where it doesnt get much cold at all and summer is Fing HOT 4. i drive easy for the most part but go to car meets and do high...
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    Help with oil 2015 mustang gt

    I'm currently tuned for e85 and have been using M1ep 5w20. Should I go with something thicker and any better oil out there? I'm in south Florida. I don't baby the car I run hard. Love the speed and banging those gears.
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    Help with oil type in south florida

    Hi guys i just bought a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.3l v4 manual today. truck as of today has 131,000 miles.The guy i bought the truck from said it doesnt burn oil.i forgot to ask what oil he used but the manual asks for 5w30. should i use high mileage oil or something else? what weight should i use. i...
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    3.6l LFX V6 Camaro

    wondering what oil should i use. i want synthetic but dont know what brand to get. i always used mobile 1 but on the camaro forums some say to not use it and some say to use it. im really confused to what oil is best. i dont know if i should use Mobile 1,penzoil platinum, or valvoline.please...