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  1. Speedbird001

    2017 Tacoma; 73,000; 2,887mi OCI with TGMO 0w-20 (Extreme use)

    immediately following a fresh O&F change; I did this 2,700 mile trip (2,700 mile towing MPG report (Toyota Tacoma)) I would say it was an extreme use event; 90 deg F+ the whole trip; towed a 1,200lb U-haul from Virginia to TX in 5th gear, then high speed, mostly empty trip back. Just for...
  2. Speedbird001

    2,700 mile towing MPG report (Toyota Tacoma)

    Thought some might find this useful: VA to TX and back: 2,764 miles, consuming 180.3 gallons of gas at a total cost of $515.18 = Avg. 15.8 MPG Tow vehicle: 2017 Toyota Tacoma double-cab, short-bed, TRD off-road (4x4) with 3.5L V6 and 6spd M/T (Empty weight ~4,450 LBs) Trailer: 5x8 single axel...
  3. Speedbird001

    Why are flex sockets not more common and no 6pt?

    I have seen these a few times and was enamored by them. "Flex Socket" seems to be the named used most of the time. I looked everywhere and only found them available from: Snap-on ($$), Carlyle [Napa] (~$24/each) and a few Chinese know-offs on line. (A few other top self brands, but only in...
  4. Speedbird001

    5/8 deep spark plug socket from NAPA

    Purchased at NAPA. Open box <$10 IIRC. No markings on the socket, I don't remember what was on the packaging (Maybe their house brand "Carlisle"?) It was missing the rubber retainer thing inside, I added my own with a cut piece of hose. This has worked will for me 2x. 1) Mopar H.O. V8 in a...
  5. Speedbird001

    Toyota Tacoma 3.5L V6 plug change

    2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road (4x4) with 6 MT and 3.5L V-6. (Uses direct and port injection). 70,000 miles. The first ~60k racked up were ~25/75 city/highway. But since the RONA I have been driving <100 miles a week more like ~90/10 city/highway. I always use top-tier regular; The last...
  6. Speedbird001

    New jack stands (Modified) to replace HF

    I just was not comfortable with my HF jack stands any more. Took advantage of their no questions asked return policy (Took store credit) and searched long and hard for replacements... Figured out I wanted a pin style. But, needed ones at least 20" high to get my Tacoma's wheels off the ground...
  7. Speedbird001

    2004 Jeep 4.7 HO hesitation and misfire after TB clean?

    I've been working on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland w/ 4.7L HO (Getting ready to sell) FWIW: My daughter drove it for the last 2 years, I never really did. Just fixed a p/s and coolant leak. Still has a very small oil drip (Burns/Drips ~1 qt/ 2k miles), no visible smoke and VERY strong...
  8. Speedbird001

    2017 Toyota Tacoma, Motul Eco-Lite 0w-20, 8k/36k

    - Sample dated 8/25 is from my 2017 Tacoma, TRD OR, v6 w/6 speed manual. Motul Eco-Lite, 0w-20. ~8k miles on this sample and ~36k total on the truck - Sample dated 3/25 is a VOA of the exact same oil to see the before and after - Earlier samples were from GTMO, 0w-20 - I've used factory filter...
  9. Speedbird001

    VOA Motul Eco-Lite 0w-20

    Sample dated 3/25/2018 is VOA of Motul Eco-Lite 0w-20. The two earlier tests were from TGMO. What do you think?
  10. Speedbird001

    TGMO / 0W-20 / Toyota Tacoma 7,655 miles (@28k)

    The "Free" Toyota Care is over, so back to wrenching myself... Going to start with ~5k inspections / tire rotations and 7-8k oil/filter changes. This looks ok to me... Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 0w-20 out (Motul EcoLite 0w-20 in) Sticking with OEM filters. FWIW compared to my last string of...
  11. Speedbird001

    0w-20 (M-1 or GTMO?) 2017 Tacoma TRD V6

    2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road (3.5L v6, 4x4) with Manual Trans. Notes: - ~4 months / 6,000 miles on this oil - No off-roading or towing. Mileage is ~70/30 Hwy/City but the city mileage pretty bad stop-and-go. - This is the 4th oil and filter change. - Big unknown: I had assumed the dealer...
  12. Speedbird001

    Final Drive UOA: 2006 Yamaha Roadliner

    2006 Yamaha Roadliner (1,900cc a/c V-twin) Final Drive (No clutch, just chain/gears) So I'm always a stickler on PM but totally dropped the ball on the final drive... It only holds ~2/3 quart and should be some kind of 80w-90. Manual says inspect / change @ ~ 3-4 years / 3-4k miles. It's a...
  13. Speedbird001

    2006 Yamaha Roadliner w/ Yamalube 15w-50 Full-Syn

    Hello, Finally motivated to get an UOA (And my first post!): 2006 Yamaha Roadliner (1,900 air-cooled V-twin "Powercruiser") Recent use has been very seasonal, This sample was taken after the winter hibernation. Oil only had ~550 miles on it but was ~11months old. Most years I've been changing...