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    Are there any decent used car warrenty compainies?

    I assume it did but I didn’t ask.
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    Post your latest oil change

    Changed my 09 Scion xB today. 153k. Engine was a severe oil burner when I bought it at 146k, but piston soaks and some short interval changes have dramatically improved it. Out: Harvest King 0w-20 In: Provident 5w-40 dual rated synthetic, Supertech 3614 filter. This is an experiment to see if...
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    Car and Driver: Hyundai Sonata Mid-Size Sedan Reportedly on the Chopping Block.

    I’ll never understand the desire to own a vehicle with no separate lockable storage space. I like having a trunk so my stuff isn’t in plain view to every hoodlum walking by.
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    Toyota Yaris badly overheated - any hope?

    Doesn’t the Prius have an Atkinson cycle engine?
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    Did you replace the acid electrolyte or just add the Epsom salts to the existing fluid?
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    What's your "sweet spot" if you are good at DIY?

    Right now there’s really not much of a penalty over buying used unless you’re comparing to a 15+ yo hooptie. MSRP looks reasonable compared to cars with 25-50k on the clock. In spite of the fact I was in a relatively low income profession (public school teacher) I always bought new cars, mostly...
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    Are there any decent used car warrenty compainies?

    This thread made me think about my 2017 Nissan Titan because its warranty is expiring in December. It came with a 100k, five year bumper-to-bumper, which was one of the reasons I choose it over other options. I only use it to tow my boat so it just has 32k, but so far I’ve not needed any...
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    Had to clean my sunroof drains today

    I have never owned a car with a sunroof and posts like these make me glad I haven’t. My wife bought one and I think she maybe opened it 3-4 times in the 10+ years we had that car. The novelty wore off really soon.
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    Toyota Yaris badly overheated - any hope?

    It takes a lot to kill that little 1.5 engine. Your friends SIL sounds like my brother. You could lock him in a bare room with a bowling ball and 15 minutes later there would be an explosion.
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    I don’t think I’ve ever gotten less than seven years out of a battery.
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    What's the point of eliminating straight dino and replacing it with a blend?

    I have no idea what that means, but I assume that’s a good thing? Isn’t SP the current highest spec?
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    Walmart MC 10w30 Diesel Price up 35% locally

    I just bought two bottles of Castrol GTX conventional 15w-40 at Home Depot for $10.99 each. But Rural King delivers if you really want 10w-30.
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    On a somewhat related note, have any of you done the electrolyte replacement with Epsom salts to recondition a weak battery? I might start a separate thread, or at least do a BITOG search for it.
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    How many years do you consider to be a super long time?
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    Battery replacement: based on age or performance?

    Do you always replace your battery at a certain age or do you wait until it starts failing? Or is a specific gravity tester a good way to decide if you need a new battery?
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    Does anyone still make 2 Cycle Push Mowers?

    I used a 10323 for several years mowing a fairly steep slope that would kill an unpressurized 4 stroke due to oil starvation when I found out they were discontinued I started scouring Craigslist and now I have three. One was $25 and only needed a new primer bulb to get it running again. FYI the...
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    Nissan Profitable Again

    Overstickered for sure, but not overpriced in practicality. My 2017 Titan was somewhere around $26K rolling off the lot. As far as gas mileage goes, nothing with a 5.6L V8 is going to get good gas mileage. There’s no way to not pay some sort of penalty for truck aerodynamics and large displacement.
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    Are you brand loyal?

    If you catch it on sale the NAPA synthetic by Valvoline is about as big of a bargain as you’re likely to find other than closeouts or other unpredictable events.
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    Are you brand loyal?

    My dad was also loyal to Valvoline. The only non-Valvoline oil I ever saw him use was a case of non-detergent Shell 30 grade he bought for his old IH gas tractor. Myself I will generally use any oil that meets the spec and will switch brands depending on cost. I have bottles of every color in...