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  1. chunt

    Leaking ADBV on Fram PH7317

    I recently changed the oil on my 2011 Frontier. I used a new style PH7317 filter. I started the truck after it had been setting for 2 days and heard an obvious start up rattle. I let the truck set for another 2 days and got the same start up rattle when the truck was started. This was not...
  2. chunt

    Carvana experience

    Sold my ex-rental 2018 Pathfinder SL with 40K to Carvana for 22,474. Sale was done on line and they sent someone to my house to pick up the vehicle and direct deposited the payment directly to my bank account. Much easier than dealing with a new car dealer. They have posted it on line for...
  3. chunt

    Inspection of CPO Pathfinder

    Last week I purchased a certified pre-owned Pathfinder from a large Nissan dealer. I got a fair price and was overall very happy with the buying experience. They said that they did a very complete inspection and gave me a copy of the check list (an official Nissan CPO check list). After I got...
  4. chunt

    Oil addiction

    How to tell if you have spent too much time on BITOG. Not only do I have an oil and filter stash, I am now drinking oil. What to do, what to do? <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[534055aa90b018bf7c]"...
  5. chunt

    New Walmart ST4386 C&P

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[534055a998f46438a1]" href="" title=""><img src=""...