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    why are ratcheting combination wrenches 12 point

    Or it's just the guys in polo shirts and jeans and actuaries patting themselves on the back for implementing safety policies. And it's CYA to show on paper an (excessive) attempt to "be safe." One machine shop/maintenance shop I worked in they decided the crew was using too many Band-Aids from...
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    What are you working on today?

    So much this. I worked in a machine shop with a self-admitted former crack addict. He was very unsafe, I initially tried to offer matter what you said he said, "I know." So I gave up and started avoiding him. One time he ran a keyway broach in so crooked it snapped and sliced...
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    New tool thread

    I coulda sworn the Mac doesn't have to have power AND ground unless you want it to tell you if you've found a power (red light, right?) or a ground (green light?) I thought you could just attach the ground like a standard test light and still find hots??
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    why are ratcheting combination wrenches 12 point

    I use some Tekton 6pts at my mill and I can tell you you wouldn't think so, but you notice it takes more work to initially engage the fastener. It's not a HUGE deal but it is noticeable. Beyond that as stated 12pt will work for squares, like cheating the drive end of a thread tap. And of...
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    Front dual piston caliper question

    They absolutely should, yes, unless one is stuck/sticky.
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    Clutch recommendations

    Oh that's just Putin's fault. The news told me so....
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    Clutch recommendations

    I'd at least consider looking at Amazon reviews. I was recently looking for a clutch for a YJ and based on reviews it would seem for that application LUK went through a rash of bad throwout bearings Obviously your clutch is different but sometimes a site with lots of reviews can be helpful for...
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    1990 E350 sender unit/ fuel lines

    Thank you!
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    1990 E350 sender unit/ fuel lines

    My apologies- I wasn't clear. I've run through all that and know I need the values stated. I was just hoping for a miracle suggestion of something that wasn't Airtex level garbage and closer to OEM. I'm not positive the Delphi or Carter options have the right resistance values, but I'm not...
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    1990 E350 sender unit/ fuel lines

    I spoke w Airtex tech support this morning. He said I'd need the E2060S as it reads 73-78 ohms empty and 12-18 full I'm glad I called because I almost ordered the E2071S yesterday before stumbling upon an Amazon review. Unfortunately I'm having trouble determining how this cross refs to Ford...
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    1990 E350 sender unit/ fuel lines

    Following up, I finally tore into this '91 today. The float appears fine but the sending unit itself is pretty toasted. I actually managed to pry it open and tried to bend the arm a tiny bit and/or get it to ride in a different area on the resistive material, but no luck This also has a third...
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    What are you working on today?

    Finished modifying the used headache rack for the crackhead Chevy and painted black. Had to drop the entire bumper down on the crackhead Chevy because the tailgate would rest on the bumper when opened, kicking it off its hinges. The bumper and hitch were crackhead welded together with...
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    2003 Tahoe Pedal Spongy After Front Pad Replacement

    At the risk of stating the obvious if the woosh is under the dash you've got a vac booster leak. Typically this will make for a hard pedal because power assist is reduced or eliminated but I suppose on certain systems it could make the pedal feel spongy. As for trying to determine f/r...
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    2016 Dodge Grand Caravan - split CV boot, CV joint damaged - replace entire drive axle?

    As others have touch, you own it. I know you say they're good people but next week when the rear wiper stops working it'll be, "Do you think you bumped anything while you were working on the front end?" No good deed.....
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    What are you working on today?

    Narrowed and lengthed a headache rack that had been on an OBS Ford short bed (I was told) to fit a GMT400 long bed. Added about 15" to the rear. I know it's a little ghetto to leave the existing raised round bar rail but this is all volunteer labor for my non-profit so I gotta pick my...
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    Had a bit of a scare this morning, thoughts?

    Can sending units (or PCM's) even register negative OP values? There'd be little reason to Is the minus sign just the nature of the program, ie an oversight, glitch or just a "dash"?
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    What are you working on today?

    Unfortunately you've gotta be an ***hole. People will walk all over you if you let them
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    2012?Nissan Rogue; fix or no?

    I feel like some people aren't reading OP's post of $5k PLUS INSTALLATION. This means installation is not included in the $5k figure. I agree this seems high. If you research the Nissan 2.5 it's not as bulletproof as some would say. I've driven a '14 Rogue Select (thus the old body style) and...
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    LSD acts like open diff?

    People always expect way too much from factory limited grips. I don't know how Toyota's perform when new, but at 108k I'd expect worn clutch packs. However even with new clutch packs it may not do a lot. Engineers err on the conservative side because a diff "locking" too much in slick...
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    SK continues to suck (ratchets)

    Yep, I couldn't figure out what was coming to me from Hangzhou Equipment Holdings....