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    Tips on keeping a Manual shifting well

    I recently acquired a 2000 Honda Civic. I retired my old 91 civic from daily driving duties to only weekend trips and such. That transmission had well over 300+k miles on it however, I think those miles had more highway miles than what my car has. The 91 gearbox still shifts great however, I...
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    Honda MTF fluid

    I own a 91 civic with almost 300k miles on it. The manual says to use regular 5w-30 oil in it. But I was thinking of putting some of the Manual Transmission fluid from honda in it. If the MTF fluid is not advised what kind of oil should I use? Synthetic, Blend, or Conventional?
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    Should I switch oil for the summer months?

    Well it is about time to change my oil on my 91 civic with 297k miles standard. I use Castrol GTX with a Purolator classic oil filter. I wanted to try Valvoline this time around because last time I used valvoline I burned less oil, so I thought might aswell try it again to see if it just...