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    Jeep and P0108

    Purchased a 2012 Wrangler for my son (Only 12,000 miles on it) and am teaching him to drive a standard (oh boy). Yesterday, he was having a hard time and stalled out on hills a few times. He stalled out at a stop sign, and the MIL, ETC and traction control lights all turned on. I had him pull...
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    2012 Jeep Wrangler - 12,000 miles

    Just purchased a 2012 Wrangler with just over 12,000 miles. Original owner pulled it behind his motor home and kept it in his garage otherwise. Last oil change was at a dealership 2 years / 1,000 miles ago. Need to get oil changed, probably all other fluids as well. Looking for suggestions...
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    CEL on wife's Mazda CX-9

    My wife called in a panic that her check engine light was on. Luckily, it was on and not flashing so I told her to go ahead and drive home. This morning I hooked up my simple code reader and laptop and pulled the code and information. It shows a P2A04 code. I have never really gotten into...
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    Serpentine Belt brand

    My 2009 CRV hit the 100k mark and I want to go ahead and replace the serpentine belt (and maybe the tensioner once I see how difficult it is). Honda shows part number 38920-RBB-E03 made by Bando and they seem to range from $60-$80. I typically buy OEM parts, but is this just a great belt or...
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    Tire knot or something else?

    My wife took her 2013 Mazda CX-9 (FWD) in for a recall on the lower control arms. They replaced the arms, aligned it, and rotated the tires. She claims that shortly after that she could feel a vibration in the steering wheel. She drove it from New Orleans to Florida, and by the time she came...
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    Cleaning nickel revolver

    I recently got a nickel plated Colt Cobra (1974 production). It's in pretty good shape, but the previous owner appears to have shot it and put it away a LONG time ago. So I am looking for something I can clean the whole thing up with that will not damage the finish. I don't imagine my brake...
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    A/C gauge reading question

    On my 2009 Honda CRV with 95,000 miles... After a long trip on the interstate (3 hours) I noticed a few drops of water on the passenger floor board. Turns out, all the plastic under that side of the dash was cold and covered in condensation. In fact, the side against the center console was like...
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    2009 Honda CRV filter replacement?

    Located the inline ATF filter my dealership claims does not exist on my CRV. Should I replace it with another Honda branded filter (Honda Part No.: 25430-PLR-003) or some aftermarket brand? Thanks!
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    Shelf life of ATF?

    I picked up 5 quarts of Honda ATF DW1 from an individual for next to nothing. Looking at the bottles (which have never been opened), the silver has a faint reddish color showing through, almost like the ATF bleeding through the plastic? It's hard to describe. Now I've made myself paranoid -...
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    Undercoating coming off ?

    I wash washing my 2009 Honda CRV this morning and noticed in the rear left fender well some of the black stuff (undercoating ?) was starting to come off in spots, showing what appears to be shiny metal underneath. What should I use to touch up these areas, and is there any special prep I should...
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    2009 Honda CR-V oil help

    I just purchased a "certified" 2009 CR-V with 32,000 miles on it. The owner's manual and the oil filler cap both say 5w-20. I spoke with a service person and then parts person at Honda dealership about oil changes. The service person said it just needed the "bulk" Honda oil. The parts person...