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    Chevy Volt, change now or later?

    Currently at 67% OLM, last changed in October. Color is dark (i know i know). However I have a family issue to take care of 700 miles away, so roadtrip tomorrow. Planning 1600 miles total roadtrip. Should I change it now or later? Its a tradition of mine to change it just before a roadtrip...
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    Echo SRM 225 vs Echo 40V battery powered trimmer

    Ive owned 2 SRM-225s and they were the best weed eaters I ever owned. Highly recommend them. I wanted to get a new one for my new place. I have a much larger yard near Little Rock Arkansas. I've noticed the grass doesn't grow very fast here compared to northern Illinois, and only needs to be...
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    Cousin needs a used 5 passenger car/SUV

    Family member has a new born, and he prefers a rear facing child seat in the center of the back seat. Ive never shopped for a car with the intention of kids, so Im clueless when it comes to SUVs. His Budget is $5000
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    1953 Corvette engine oil specifications.

    Oddly 20 weight is specified for summer temperatures. I remembered my friends '54 Chevy Special also recommended 20 weight for summer. I wonder if this is still the correct viscosity of oil for these engines today? At least in good condition engines such as 5w20. Also note British manufactures...
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    Weber 32/36 DGV manual choke binding

    Has anyone had issues with the choke mechanism on these Webers? Basically after opening the throttle I am unable to close the choke by hand directly from lever on the carburetor. Sometimes I can close it. But most most times it is stuck open. Has anyone repaired these?
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    Can anyone identify this electrical plug?

    Replaced a few solenoids in my dryer, however the plug overheated somehow on one of the solenoids that was changed. A new wire harness is $80, abs or would be beneficial to find just a compatible plug. Note, this plug goes straight into a solenoid, otherwise I would replace male and female...
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    New to me 2008 Passat TSI 2.0

    Picked it up on Monday, timing belt kit arriving next week, looking for a shop to do it, it just seems too time consuming for me to do on my days off. I'd like the clean the intake valves too, looking for updated suggestions on that. I also ordered Pentosin 5w40. I think it's going to be a champ...
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    Mistakes made on collector car facebook page?

    I'm an admin on a French car fan page on facebook. The car company is now long gone, and the clubs name uses the car company name, as well as society at the end of the title, such as "Chevy" Society. Many photos I post do not have artist credit, so I add a caption looking for ownership, but I do...
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    Who else has hit rock bottom?

    Everyone has been in it least once, and I think I'm in it now. I worked for my dad for the past few years, a construction job, working 6 days a week, but I've only received 1 paycheck, but slowly, he forgets his wallets here and there and borrows money and never pays me back, now I'm out and he...
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    Disagreement with mechanic over trans oil change

    I normally change the filter, and top off oil, but my mechanic says im ruining the transmission that way. His recommendation is to keep the old fluid and put it back in, he says the the transmission needs the old clutch particles to operate. Ive never heard of this method before, and Im not...
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    Are you brave enough?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Anyone familiar with Bizol oil?

    Found this German oil on While browsing Bizol's website, they have a confusing selection of their products. I looked a bit through the PDS. Apparently their "Green" oil is a city traffic oil with ~12tbn, not a low viscosity oil like other green oils Protect seems to be a high...
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    How do you determine the proper HTHS rated oil?

    I was simply curious, had this discussion on a Jaguar board. Another member suggested a hths of 3.5-4.0 for the v8 motors. Ive got several different types of engines, ranging from MG 4 cylinders to Jag v12s and Volvo 5 cylinders. I do tend to split hairs and it seems these numbers are not...
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    Marine 4 cycle oil for automotive break-in oil??

    I was on a Triumph forum today, when I read a recommendation for Marine 4-cycle oil for breaking-in engines. His reasons were simple, marine engines are not subject to as much emission control as automotive oil, (I'm referring to ZDDP and high moly) Also, if this is true and/or a possible...
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    What would you do? Fireworks and hearing loss

    Two friends and I decided to finish up a car I was restoring at one of the friend's shop. We can call these two friends Bob and David. David is the shop owner and we are almost done completing the car with the engine now back in and running just a week ago. Then on Wednesday (7 days ago) a few...
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    2005 Saturn Vue rear quarter window

    Hi guys, A friend asked me to replace the left RQW on his Saturn. I was told it's a hard job. What tools will I need? Any special sealant too?
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    Oil Hadn't Been Changed in 3 Years

    My friend called me up saying she hadn't had the oil changed in 3 years. I understand, sometimes oil pump screen plug up and kill motors under these circumstances after new oil is added. I want to recommend her to have it done somewhere else, so if the engine does die, the blame isn't put on me...
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    Cerma--- the Amazing Oil

    A friend e-mailed me this video. Everyone comment in on everything they see wrong with this biased review, that is just comical... ...with its "healing" properties. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    New to me Volvo S60R

    Picked up a car I've always wanted! I'll post a photo of it in a bit. -bought it with 113,000 miles -lightly driven-- I normally cruise below speed limit if no one is following me (believe it or not) full throttle used sparingly when needed -drive currently 95% highway miles. rarely stuck in...
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    Is this a good way to charger portable jumper?

    Bought a Peak 750 amp jumper. The instructions are a bit scewed on proper charging instructions, and I feel it would be better if I used my battery maintainer I use on my classic cars. <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> The handbook does not specify if...