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    Censored for [censored]

    I was censored for the word Hel, I didn't create the word. So I now expect the word "Heaven" to be censored as well! I'm sorry but I understand curse words, but this is ridiculous! The context was Walmart! Censored, Pajero!
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    Phillips 66 worker falls into coolant tower!

    <a href="" target="_blank">Worker</a> falls into coolant tower at oil refinery! Took 3 days to shut down Phillips 66 refinery to recover Jerome Matthews body. Poor guy! RIP! Respectfully...
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    Vintage ASF-44 Amsoil oil filter Specs?

    I purchased a couple vintage Amsoil ASF-44 filters from ebay. Does anyone know what the specs are/were? I couldn't find anything, via google. I believe they existed before the internet. I don't know years of manufacture? Like to know how they compare to EA-044 (now obsolete itself). No...
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    Ketjenlube Polymer Esters Dithiocarbamates Di-este

    <a href="" target="_blank">KETJENLUBE</a> Polymer Esters Dithiocarbamates Di-esters PDF Article, used as anti-wear agent. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    High Lead Redline 5W40 thoughts? Ty

    This is my first oil interval using Redline oil for my 1994 Montero 3.5 DOHC. Used Fram Ultra 9688. When I changed the oil there were no ferrous particles on the Gold oil plug, for the first time ever. Castrol Magnatec 5W30 was used prior to this. I'm original owner. Montero is garage kept...
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    ARC remanufactured Power Steering Pump

    Anyone have experience with <a href="" target="_blank">ARC</a> remanufactured parts? Referring to <a...
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    USPS long long delivery to BlackStone Labs

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I mailed my UOA to Blackstone labs on Thursday, June 14, before closing and began tracking on Saturday. Due to arrive on Monday, June 18, 2018, which was reasonable. Now it only states "In transit to next facility." No detailed tracking, no City, State, only...
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    Synthetic oil for Swamp Cooler

    GReetings! I have a Master Cool Swamp Cooler. I normally buy <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> . I found <a...
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    SHIMAHIDE parts any good?

    The OEM fan clutch for my 94 Montero 3.5 is obsolete. All the aftermarket brands that I've found are made in China. Now the OEM was a $300.00 part and <a href="" target="_blank">SHIMAHIDE</a> (Made in Japan) is $66.00. AISIN doesn't make a fan...
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    Ten pounds Meth suspect released Own Recognizance

    Time to leave the state of new mexico. Suspect with ten pounds of Methamphetamine and no known address (foreign national) Released Own Recognizance. <a href=""...
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    Need to get OEM Power Steering Pump rebuilt

    Greetings! Can anyone recommend a trusted company to rebuild OEM Mitsu Power Steering Pump? I called one company specializing in classic vehicles and the owner refused Mitsubishi. No one in the Albuquerque Metro area that I know of does this! Thanks in advance. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Mahle fuel filter any good?

    Hello, This <a href="" target="_blank">Mahle Fuel Filter</a> is for my Montero. I normally use OEM, but I know Mahle has a good reputation for oil filters. The filter is made in Bulgaria. The review seem to be good on...
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    No free speech Britain

    Ouch! Woman leaves note on ambulance and gets arrested! Now, I don't agree with what the woman did. But, being arrested? Looks like Britain is becoming like their Nazi masters. Oh wait, I forgot the Royal Family was saluting Hitler before the war. Unless, there is more to the story than...
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    Silicone radiator hoses 1994 Mitsu Montero SR 3.5

    Hello, Anyone know where to get silicone radiator hose kit for vehicle in signature? Mishimoto doesn't make a set. I reached out to a couple companies on internet and I need to place an order of at least a 100 hoses for custom kits. I don't want to piecemeal (jerry rig) various pieces...
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    Never hear about Chinese brand motor oil?

    While perusing BITOG, I had a eureka moment. I've never seen a Chinese brand motor oil on these forums, from recent memory. Most of us have purchased various motor oils from Europe and Japan. Here is a link of <a...
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    $150.00 Oil Change at Toyota Stealer

    An older friend I have has a 2014 Toyota Tacoma. I complimented him on his Toyota and he started bragging how he uses the best synthetic oil/synthetic oil filter. So, I asked him what kind? He explained that he always takes his Tacoma to the Toyota Dealer and they put the best in it for...
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    Champ oil filter PH2808XL

    Anyone familiar with the Champ XL line? PH2808XL is for my Montero. I know the Royal Purple version is 2808. Efficiency specs? Okay, I found Nyogtha's <a href="" target="_blank">thread</a> . Thanks...
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    Luber Finer PH2808 Oil Filter specs

    Greetings: I contacted Luber Finer CS and requested "Specifications for Luber Finer oil filter PH2808." This application if for my vehicle in signature. "<span style="font-weight: bold">Efficiency – 20 micron at 85% Minumium Capacity - 4 grams minimum Hydrostatic burst 300 psi...
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    Smoking while on medical oxygen causes fire

    Headline says it all! Probably on welfare assistance, while smoking cancer sticks......Several people close to me have died because of cancer causing cigarettes......cancer sucks! <a href=""...
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    Wix Customer Service Efficiency/micron ratings

    Hello, So, I completed an on-line request, via Wix website for the micron/efficiency ratings for the XP 51334? Response "Hi, Micron ratings are not listed for XP product, We only list micron ratings on our premium products." Wow! Great customer service. I will stay with Fram...