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    oil on intake valve's back - sbc

    I was taking off my intake manifold to do a change over to EFI. I noticed that the closed valves have oil on the back of them (this is a SBC 350). Engine only has 1000 miles and valve seals were new (viton ones), heads were new (bronze guides). Engine had been sitting for 2 weeks without...
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    preventing oil aeration

    I'm going to make the bypass of the oil pump in my engine dumping the oil back into the oil pan. I'm a bit worried about aeration occuring. Is there a good way to prevent it from happening ?
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    Need a oil flow graph for a small block chevy

    Does anyone have a graph picturing the amount of oil that flows through a small block chevy at various rpm points ?
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    0W20 load bearing capability in race block

    I'm inclined to go to a thinner oil (0W20 coming from 5W30) because of several reasons. The oil is to go into a high winding small block chevy (generation 1) with pretty standard bearing clearances (.0025-.0027 on the mains, .0023 on the rods) and with mechanical roller lifters with 570 lbs over...
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    oil pressure drop question

    I'm new here and was hoping to find some answers here. The subject is a high performance SBC with a high volume high pressure oil pump (anti-cav). Car has a Canton 15-240T pan which is all baffled and has a windage tray +7qrt capacity, it has a B&M HI TEK oil cooler, remote oil filter and Canton...