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    Just did upper oil pan gasket

    Well if some of you remember i posted here about my catalyst converter problems a while back in my 2002 nissan maxima. I replaced my front cat, ypipe, and upper oil pan gasket. Not to bad of a job. The upper oil pan is actually a layer of factory silicone. A hole nissan. Also deleated the rear...
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    79 ford ltd rear main

    So a buddy of mine has a 79 ford ltd 302 automatic. Needs a new rear main seal. He asked me to do it. Now I'm very familiar with the modern crown victoria and i know what i need for it to drop the trans. And they are really easy. Now all i have are hand tools, no lift, no power tools. Should...
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    WAWA gas sucks!

    Just filled up a full tank of gas in my maxima and crunched some numbers. Drove 251.5 miles stop n go on wawa gas and put in 13.915 gallons. That equaled about 18.1 mpg. My prior fill was sunoco ,my car averaged 19.1 mpg and i did more vigorous driving. I have always noticed this with wawa...
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    PO430 and o2 sensor readings.

    My maxima has been throwing the po430 code now for a few months. I've been clearing the code but it keeps coming back on progressively faster after each code wipe. Decided to get the 02s readings and B1s2 B2s2 read 0.290 volts steady each. Bad front cat? any opinions.
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    peak full synthetic.

    picked up 3 5.1q containers of 10w30 for $10 each yesterday along with a 5w30 5.1jug for $17. my store has peak on clearance conventional $3.15 for quarts $13 for the jugs. syn quarts are 4.75.
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    my car is rated for 5w30

    my maxima is spec'd for 5w30. ive been running rotella t6 in it for 2 years now with great results. especially oil consumption. how ever will any harm come if i decided to run a 0w20 in it. your thoughts are appreciated.
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    akebono performance pads

    Just ordered a set of akebono asp815 performance pads and a set of wagner rotors for my max. the pads are GG rated. cant wait to put them on. your opinions or experience with akebono pads and wagner rotors are welcome. please post.
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    SCORE!! slick 50

    Just scored 4 bottles of slick 50 for a total of $0.27. Do not know what to do with this [censored]. cannot believe it used to $27.99 a bottle. My max and kia are due for an oil change. should i dump all 4 in to one of the cars and see what will happen?
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    Yesterday we received a bunch of ultra filters. These will replace the bosch D+ filters as far as i know. I looked at the manifest and the prices ranged from 9.99-12.99 for the canister and 10.99-15.99 for the cartridge filters. And those cartridge filters look really well made. Just letting...
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    cylinder 2 missfire.

    It's been 2 months since my maxima developed a miss on cylinder 1. And that turned out to be the injector. now its back! cylinder 2. Now i already replaced the injector just about 45 minutes ago and it's missing. have not pulled out the plug but i did test the coil. coil is good. im gonna take...
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    Just put her back together about 45 minutes ago but did not start the car due to the pcv hard line falling apart on me. So as soon as i get something to use temporary i'll start her up. Dealer does not have the line in stock and it's $22. So cylinder 1 has a fresh coil,fuel injector, another...
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    testing fuel injector wiring.

    Today i plan on replacing my fuel injector on my maxima but before i start taking the intake off i would like to test the pigtail first to make sure that functions correctly. However i dont have the proper resistance rating for the injector harness connectors. And i lost my pdf part manual. Does...
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    need help!!! from 5.5 gen maxima owners or experts

    2 weeks ago I change out my oil filter o-ring and rusting cooling line. Now i forgot to add the gallon of antifreeze that drained out and took the car for a test drive. The maxima went into limp mode and shut off on me. I let it sit for a minute and started the car up barely. Had to repeat this...
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    oil filters hacked open.

    So i just hacked open my two used filters. It was a pain but i got it done. Sorry in advance if the quality of the pics is all over the place. Please note the debris and paint chips are from the hacking process. Here we have the two side by side awaiting the saw. another more of a top...
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    two used filters.

    Just did an oil change on my two cars. I have the bosch d3323 and puro syn pls14459 sitting. Would anyone like to see em cut open?
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    great now what?

    It's been 3 weeks since i replaced the VC gaskets on my max. Today i noticed an oil pool in my driveway from my maxima in the same spot as before. Im sick of this. Oil switch was replaced, covers were torqued to factory spec. Any ideas?
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    5.5 gen maxima

    Just did a tune on my 2002 vq35de. Ask me a Question if you are about to do a tune on it.