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    04 Tahoe. Tool for the brake calipers?

    My T47 is between a T45 and a T50.
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    04 Tahoe. Tool for the brake calipers?

    Napa or any parts store that sells Lisle should be able to get you a set of Torx Plus.
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    04 Tahoe. Tool for the brake calipers?

    If a T50 is to small and a T55 is to big either grind a T55 a little smaller diameter or buy a TP50 torx bit. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Search tp50 or torx plus. Google autopart torx plus SK or OTC if you want a set. If you own a Chevy purchase a...
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    External Torx Bolt, Why ?

    Some German cars BMW use a low profile torx bolt and the standard external torx will strip. Toyota,Nissan and Subaru also use them. Snap On makes a E12 FLCC120 and EPL10,ep18,EPL20 Cta 9575 Google Koken Tools Japan. The sell a set of EPL sockets and Low profile normal torx.Look at pictures for...
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    Opinions on this fuel pump proceedure?

    On a pickup truck you can take off the bed you will need 3 or 4 people to help lift it off. Remember to unbolt filler neck,tail lights and ect.